Parking Fine Appeal Letter

The concept of driving comes with a lot issues. First, there is a phase in your life when you have to learn how to drive, even this one does not come very easy for everyone. The ability to get hold of it depends on the gender too, as men are more learning oriented when it comes to driving. You spend quite a few days with learning the signs, getting the directions and the overall dos and don’ts of driving. Driving accidents are one of the most lethal ones, they can and have already taken lives of many. Owing to the highly disastrous outcome of such accidents, the whole institution of traffic police has ended up making rules which might seem petty but can have regrettable repercussions.

Parking in the wrong place coupled with the excuse that it was only momentarily might not seem to be a big deal at all, but only those who are driving while your car is parked in the wrong place can imagine the magnitude of disaster that seemingly a small mistake can bring in. Once you do get a parking ticket that means you failed to abide by the rule that you saw while riding with your dad as a kid. However, you can rectify it by writing in a convincing appeal to the concerned authorities.

If you don’t know how to write a parking fine appeal letter, scroll down and learn how to do so.

Tips to Write Parking Fine Appeal Letter

  • Maintain a professional and formal tone
  • Be concise and try to sum up all details
  • Be mindful of grammatical and spelling mistakes


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    Sample of the Parking Fine Appeal Letter

    The Traffic Police


    Penalty Charge Notice number: 648787
    Date of Issue: March 22, 2011
    Vehicle registration: 54647

    I am writing this letter in order to challenge the penalty charge that was pressed against me on March 21, 2011. I had parked the vehicle in the non-parking zone, but with a person in car who could have moved it out of the way very easily upon being informed.

    According to my knowledge on the rules, I am not entitled to any pressed charges.

    To make things simple and easy for both of us, I have enclosed the copy of the Road Traffic Act that goes in my way.

    I look forward to you releasing me off the charges the earliest possible.

    Yours sincerely,

    Ben Jones

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    Template of the Parking Fine Appeal Letter

    Issuing authority address


    Penalty Charge Notice number: [xxxxx]
    Date of issue: [xxxxx]
    Vehicle registration: [xxxxx]

    This is to request you to withdraw the parking fine charge as according to Act XYZ, I am not obliged to fill in one.

    I am waiting for you to lay off the penalty charge that was issued for wrong parking. With the letter I have enclosed the copy of the Act that deems it ineffective.

    Kindly look into my issue.

    Yours sincerely,

    [Your name and signature]

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