Medical Treatment Leave Letter

Your health and productivity are linked, and if you are unhealthy and in need of medical treatment, work becomes a secondary concern. Since you will be needing days off from work to either get the treatment or recover from it, we will show you to how to write a medical treatment leave letter. You can also refer to the samples and template we have provided for more guidance and use them when drafting your own leave letter.

Tips for Writing a Medical Treatment Leave Letter

  • If you aren’t comfortable sharing the details of your medical treatment, you don’t necessarily have to.
  • Depending on your company’s leave policy, you might be required to submit a doctor’s prescription or note.
  • Clearly mention the dates you need to be away from work.
  • If there is a recovery time period involved, mention that too.
  • Delegate your work and leave your contact information in case of emergencies.
  • If your treatment is planned, you will need to submit the letter in advance.


  • 1

    Sample of a Medical Treatment Leave Letter #1

    Nichole Schwarzenegger
    219 Cuba Hill Rd
    Huntington, NY 11743-4805
    (631) 757-4433

    3rd May 2011

    Human Resource Department
    Software House
    Huntington California

    Respected sir,

    Due to the changing weather conditions I am having some issues with my skin. I visited a dermatologist two days back and she suggested that I undergo a skin treatment to alleviate my condition. The treatment will take six days and I am not allowed to expose my skin to sun light during this time, which will make it impossible for me to attend work.

    Given my situation, I would like to request a week-long leave, from the 4th of May to the 10th, and will report back to work on the 11th of May.

    During my absence you can coordinate with Elizabeth Twain, who also has my personal contact details.

    I would appreciate it if you approved my leave request.

    Nichole Schwarzenegger
    General Manager

  • 2

    Medical Treatment Leave Letter Sample #2

    Ronald S. Clark
    3674 Kimball Ave
    Memphis, TN 38111-5306
    (901) 320-6572

    6th November 2011

    Human Resource Department
    Standard Chartered Bank

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    I am writing to request a medical leave for a duration of three weeks. Unfortunately, my tonsils have severe inflammation, and according to my doctor, they should be removed as soon as possible.

    If my leave is approved, I will take time off from (Start date) to (End date) and will be back to work on (Return date).

    Jason Malone will be covering for me during my absence, and you can coordinate with him if you need any assistance. Moreover, I will also be available via e-mail in case my help is required.

    Looking forward to your positive response,

    Ronald S. Clark

  • 3

    Template of a Medical Treatment Leave Letter

    (Your Name)
    (Your Address)
    (Your City, State, Zip Code)
    (Your Phone Number)


    (Name of Department)
    (Address of your Organization)

    Respected/Dear Sir,

    I am writing this letter to inform you that I my (Medical condition) has worsened, and according to my doctor, I need to undergo treatment for it as soon as possible.

    For this, I will be needing time off from work starting (Start date) to the (End date). This will be a total of (Total number of leaves) leaves, since (Reason/some details regarding the treatment/recovery time period).

    During my absence (Colleague name) can handle work and coordinate with me via phone or e-mail when necessary.

    If you have any concerns, please let me know.

    I hope you will consider my request favorably,


    (Your Name)
    (Your Designation)

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