Steps to Write Christmas Letter to Santa

Well now that Black Friday is past we don’t need to tell you that Christmas is rapidly heading our way, we have been getting loads of requests by our readers regarding how to write a letter to Santa step by step. Well how about if we taught you how to write a letter but not to the elves but we thought we would guide you to write a letter to the big man himself (Santa clause) as he would say ”from the North Pole, Santa will send your reply… faster than Rudolph the reindeer can fly!!”

A good polite letter to Dear Santa is sure to put you on the Nice list this year obviously you don’t want to be in the ‘’Naughty list’’ now do you? Now get yourself a Pen and a paper and some stickers and will start off telling you how to write a letter to Santa Clause step by step.


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    Remember when telling Santa about yourself be polite and only write your first name Santa would mind if you write your last name and other information like your, phone number, street address or any photo of yours in the letter because remember Santa knows it all and likes to keep you special he always knows where you are and where you are from.

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    Writing the Letter

    Dear Santa Claus,
    My First name is _______ and my Email address is ________I am a (Boy)/ (Girl) and I am now ___ Years Old…. I live in the grand city of _____ of course dear Santa I bet you’ll know that it is in (Your country name). I hope you are fine it might be really cold in the North Pole, how is Mrs. Clause doing I hope Rudolph is fine he might be tired pulling all of the letters from around the world, just wanted to let you know that Santa Christmas would not be so fun without you.
    Dear Santa I have been so good this year that I should be the Angel on top of the Christmas tree. Santa, I just want to let you know here are some things I might not like for Christmas this year they are ______, ________ and _______, Okay Dear Santa take care and have a Magical Christmas this Year ill be waiting for your reply.

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    Posting the letter,

    Get an Envelope and put the letter inside the envelope, don’t forget to add a cute Christmas stamp on the side and send it to
    ‘’1 Santa Claus Lane, North Pole, AK 99705’’ View Map

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