How to Send an Envelope without a Stamp

The idea of sending an envelope without a stamp sounds crazy. It is extremely difficult, especially when you are living in a country that has a good system for posts. Mostly, the post department sends the envelope back, if there is no stamp.

But you can play a tiny trick to make the postman a little confused. And if you succeed, your envelope would reach the destination scotch free. The procedure of playing this trick is pretty simple. All you need is to be a little confident. Remember, once you have decided to do the thing in a wrong way, there is not turning back. So when you are plotting a trick, execute it with perfection.


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    Gather all the required items. Make sure you have the correct addresses of both the sender and receiver.

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    The procedure of sending an envelope without a stamp is different. You need to write on your own address right in the middle of the envelope. In normal circumstances, the address of the sender is written on the top left side of the envelope. Write it in bold words, so the postman finds no difficulty in reading it. Also mention the phone number or email address, if required.

    For example, your address is ‘0420 Some Street Way, California, USA, 42000’. Write your name in bold letters in the middle of the envelope, and write this address right under your name.

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    Once you are finished with writing your own address, write the receiver’s address on the top left side of the envelope. If you are pasting a stamp, this place is for the sender’s address.

    For instance, you are sending a letter to Mr John Doe. Write his name and address in the corner in a relatively smaller font.

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    You are required to do nothing else. Just go to a post box that is slightly away from your home, and drop it in the box. There are bright chances that the envelope will reach the destination without any charges.

    The trick is confusing the postman. Since you have written your address in the middle, the postman will consider you as the ultimate receiver and vice versa. So, he/she will send the envelope to the other person, considering him as the sender.

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