Charity Sponsorship Letter

Charity sponsorship letter is a common letter written to organizations or different types of NGO’s working around the globe to help people who need financial or any other type of assistance. It can also be written to any individual who is financially strong and can help you out with cash or any skills he has for some particular charity event. There are several organizations which help those who need assistance in some charity event. That particular assistance could be anything from arranging an event or managing things like catering.

This will also create a good impact of your professionalism. Charity sponsorship letter sometimes can be written to organizations which have the tendency to help people. Mostly when somebody starts his own NGO, he or she can sometimes face trouble and to meet the challenges, a good charity sponsorship letter can be very helpful. Charity sponsorship letter can help get some good financial benefits.

In the first paragraph, you should mention the purpose why you are sending this letter. You should mention clearly the name of the organization which you are running or any institute for which you need the sponsorship.

In the second paragraph, summarize all the content regarding sponsorship and why you need to have all the funds from any individual or any organization.

Lastly, you must give your regards to the sending organization and explain them how grateful your are to involve in this human cause for which you are requesting the sponsorship.


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    Sample Charity Sponsorship Letter

    Israel K. Lilley
    Proprietor, Sign service
    3323 Round Table Drive
    Hamilton, OH 45011
    9th Sep 2010

    Dear Mr. Israel,

    Hope you will be doing well in Scotland. I am writing you this letter as my small NGO is conducting a drama festival for under privileged children. As you know I have just started my NGO and I am facing lot of troubles financially to keep things going smoothly. The drama festival which my NGO is conducting requires a total of $9000.

    We as a team collected some money but still it is not enough as I request you to sponsor our upcoming drama festival which will showcase some of the leading children fiction at one place.

    Thanking you.

    Yours truly,
    Armando V. Johnston

    1773 Oakmound Road
    Chicago, IL 60605

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    Template of Charity Sponsorship Letter

    [Receiver’s Name]
    [Occupation, Department]
    [Receiver’s Address]

    [To Whom It May Concern]

    We are running a local NGO which works for under privileged children. The reason I am sending you this letter is that our NGO has planned a small learning workshop but we currently do not have funds to hold this particular workshop.

    We would like you and your organisation to help us with sponsoring this workshop. We appreciate the effort which will certainly give us piece of mind to organize such an event.

    We will be waiting your response.

    Thanking you.

    [Yours truly]
    [Sender’s Name]
    [Address, Zip Code]

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