Win More Donations by Writing an Appeal Letter that Works

A letter of appeal for a donation is an official letter written by Non-profit or charitable organization. It could also be written by an individual in need of contribution or fundings to help attain a goal. The letter of Appeal for a Donation is normally lengthy and requires enough convincing by the sender to persuade the recipient for the cause that he/she should donate towards.

Keep in mind that the letter needs to be precise and state as much information as you can in relation to what you asking the recipient to donate towards, do not forget it has to be formally written.


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    Address and Salutation

    Firstly, you start off with the date, then the sender's information on the top left hand corner. Let there be a one-line space followed by with the details of the recipient's information. After making sure you've written both the addresses. You start with the usual salutation ending with the last name of your recipient.


    Sender's Name


    Name of Organisation


    Name of Recipient




    Dear …........

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    Letter Body

    The main content of your letter has about three paragraph approximately. The first paragraph begins with a brief introduction indicating the purpose of your letter and what your organization is all about. Your appeal for donation is then mentioned with further information of what it is you are expecting from the recipient in  the second paragraph fully explaining what you need, whether it is in cash or in kind. Your third paragraph ends off by elaborating on how their donation will be of great impact and go a long way in helping your organization reach a certain goal.

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    Conclusion and Closing

    You conclude by summarizing you main points, with your details intact incase they'll need to contact you. Never sound too demanding or unworried but be sincere about what is needed and how their contribution will immensely help the organisation.

    You finish off with a Thank you, leave enough space so that you can sign your letter then have your full name written underneath it.

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    Sample Donation Appeal Letter

    30th April 2015

    Harry Wise
    Finance Manager
    Second Chance Organisation

    Mr. William Farley
    Chairman of Steven Brother limited
    PMY Street, Hill road,

    Dear Mr. William,

    I am writing this letter on behalf of our organization, Second Chance. We help in providing a place of shelter and education opportunities for the less fortunate from the ages of 2 to 21. Our organization also helps with community issues facing young teens of nowadays, providing them with a one-on-one consulting session for no cost at all, giving them a chance to confide in someone about what they're facing in life.

    We have been in business for 14 years with the main aim of not only taking the children out from the street but to make sure they have a bright future and help them be responsible as they grow up in life. We have an estimated number of about 3,000 children under our care. Our main purpose is to provide them with basic and adequate things a child needs in life. I am writing on behalf of the organization to ask for your help in our upcoming project which we plan to embark on, seeing that we have increased in number. Our main goal is to achieve $30,000 to set up our new building which will consist of a playground, recreational center and other various facilities.

    With you on board, we believe it will help us achieve our goal of $30,000. We already have some successful reply from other organizations that we previously reached out to and we hope that you will contribute greatly to our project.

    Thank you for looking into our appeal for donation. It will be of great help to us by choosing to acknowledge our request as it will help us achieve our current goals. If you have any questions, you can always contact me via my mobile number or the organization's email address. Hoping to hear from you.

    Thank you,

    Harry Wise.

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    Letter of Appeal for a Donation Template


    Sender's Name


    Name of Organization


    Name of Recipient




    Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. (SURNAME),



    Thank you,


    (Full Name)

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