Reporter Application Letter

The letter for applying for the post of a reporter should start with the source from where the information about the vacancies was taken. Then, it should highlight some points about the organisation, where the application is being submitted.

In the middle of the body, experience and the relevant qualifications must be mentioned, along with brief description about distinctions.

At the end, the desire to join the organisation at the earliest should be expressed.


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    Sample of Reporter Application Letter


    Tara Crescent, New Delhi – 112 0125

    January 4, 2013

    Mr. Travis Harding

    Human Resources Officer

    Delhi Weekly

    Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi

    Dear Mr. Harding,

    In response to the announcement by your recruitment team in our graduation completion ceremony last week that you have some positions vacant for the post of a reporter, I have decided to apply for it. I have studied relevant courses in my four-year journalism degree, which clearly match the criteria that you have set.

    During my years in the university, I heard from my teachers the name of your organisation frequently, as they described the best places to work for in the nearby locality. In a way, they shaped up my desire as regard to which company I should spend my professional career with. Soon that desired turned into an objective I was willing to do anything for.

    I kept your organisation in mind and started studying accordingly. Off-course, for this I had to do some research about the history and the landmark achievements that your media house attained over the years. I met with employees working at your place time and gain, knowing from them the way the functions are carried out and the kind of long term goals you have set up at the moment.

    Though the lack of professional life experience on my C.V can prove a hurdle in my selection, it does not mean I have never been close to the operations. In my university, I was the member of the future journalist society, where I gave presentations before the huge audiences, along with writing reports, detailing events related to the current affairs.

    I am looking forward to be picked out from the heaps of resumes as the candidate to call for the interview.



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    Template of Reporter Application Letter

    FirstName LastName

    Street Address

    City, State, Zip Code

    Phone Number

    Email Address


    Employer Contact Information





    City, State, Zip Code


    Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name or Dear Hiring Manager:

    I have gone through your advertisement related to the post for a reporter. I am interested to join your organisation and fill this spot. I have mentioned my credentials below.

    My university used to hold an annual competition for the best reporter. Though I could not clinch the top position ever, I was always among the finalists. I still remember the level of competitiveness in my class and how the students used to work so hard for outperforming others.

    As far as my grades are concerned, I attained higher marks in the subjects requiring a field work than those that needed a rigorous theoretical work. This shows to some extent my willingness to do something practical.

    I am fairly hopeful that the reputed institute I completed my degree from and the internships that I carried out during the last four years of my study will prove extremely helpful in my selection for the position of a reporter in your organisation.

    I have stipulated my resume with this application, along with recommendation letters from my teachers.

    Complimentary Close:



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