Donation Gratitude Letter

Donation gratitude letter is a recommended and much appreciated piece of writing in which a person, representing any organisation, says thanks to the donor or donors who have given donations for the welfare of the organisation (usually a charity organisation).

In the opening paragraph, you should mention the reason why you are writing the letter to a specific person. Usually you introduce yourself and also include that you are contacting the donor because he or she helped your charity organisation.

In the second paragraph, you should acknowledge the service that the donor has done for your organisation. Also pay your gratitude to the donor in this regard.

In the third paragraph, you should appreciate the service that the donor has done for the sake of humanity and also ask him to continue doing such things for your organisation in future as well.


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    Sample of Donation Gratitude Letter

    Laura Williams
    Public Relation Officer
    Helping Homes
    59 Smithtown, CA 08067

    Mr. John Smith
    Vice President,
    XYZ Company
    47 Hatfield, CA 08467

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    Being the representative of Helping Homes, a charity organisation, I have got the honour to appreciate your efforts and donation that you have made for us in raising funds. You helped us a lot in selling out more tickets of our musical show which was organised to raise funds for your charity organisation that helps orphans and old people by providing them shelter, food and education.

    People like you are the hope for mankind because there are countless people who really deserve your help to survive. You made a true effort in raising fund to help the needy people of Helping Homes and your donation will help us in meeting the expenditures of this charity organisation.

    We appreciate your help and encourage to you and your friends, colleagues and family members to continue supporting us so that we could be able to fulfil the basic needs of orphans and old people at Helping Homes.

    Thank you again for your donation for our charity organisation.


    Laura Williams

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    Template of Donation Gratitude Letter

    [Your Name]
    [Your Position/Designation]
    [Organisation Name]
    [Organisation Address]

    [Donor Name]
    [His/Her Position/Designation]
    [Company Name]
    [Company Address]

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a representative of [name of charity organisation] and want to thank you for your donation that you made for our fundraising campaign through this event [write the name of event which is being organised for fundraising].

    People like you are the hope of humanity. Your donation will now help [name of charity organisation] in meeting the day to day expenditures of orphans and old aged people who are living in this orphanage.

    We pay our gratitude to you for your support and encourage you to keep extending a helping hand for these needy people in future.

    Thank you for helping us in raising funds for [name of charity organisation]


    [Your Name]

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