Parents Goodbye Letter

A parents goodbye letter is usually written by a child who is going away from his or her parents on a temporary or permanent basis.

In the opening paragraph, you should mention that why you are leaving your parents. Tell them the reason which can be like you are going away to a different place for completing your higher studies.

In the following paragraph, you should express your feelings of love and respect for your parents and let them know that it is very difficult to live without them.

In the third paragraph, show them gratitude by acknowledging the sacrifices that your parents have been making for you for many years since you came into this world.


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    Sample of Parents Goodbye Letter

    January 10, 2013

    Mr and Mrs Smith
    479 Central Avenue,
    California 08063

    Dear Mother and Father,
    As you know that my high school study is over and I shall be going to Michigan college in a few days. But it is hard for me to going away from you even it is for two years. Now it is time to go ahead to complete my further education into college.

    However, it is very hard to live separately from you, but I have to do it as you also want me to complete higher studies. You are an integral part of my life since my childhood and I find it hard to live without you on a different place.

    Before leaving for college, I want to say you that I love you so much and I cannot forget the sacrifices that you have made for me. I also pay you tribute for supporting me in every situation and for making me proud. I shall miss you a lot but shall be back as soon as my studies are over.

    I shall stay in touch with you.

    Your loving son,

    Michael Smith

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    Template of Parents Goodbye Letter


    Mr and Mrs [Name of Parents]
    [Street Address]
    [State and Postal Code]

    Dear [parents/Mom and Dad/Mother and Father],
    Your continuous support and untiring efforts have enabled me to finish my studies at school and now I have got admission to college [Name of the College].

    It is very hard for me to live away from you for a couple of years [mention the years of your studies]. However, I have no choice as it is your desire that I complete higher studies.

    However, I want to say you thanks for your continuous support and encouragement over the years. I shall miss you at college but shall be back right away after completing my education.

    I shall remain in contact with you.

    Your loving son,

    [Write Your Name]

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