Credit Deletion Letter

These type of letters are sent to customers to inform them that the outstanding amount in their account has been settled. These are usually smaller amounts which the customers are unable to pay in time which is why they request for a waiver. With the Credit Deletion Letter, the sender informs the recipient that there has been a deletion of the due payments.

In the first paragraph, mention the outstanding amount to the customer and the time for which the payments have been due. In the second paragraph, inform the customer that the due payments have been settled by the management and mention the reason.

In the concluding text, request the recipient to make timely payments in the future so that the credit rating improves.


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    Sample Credit Deletion Letter

    Daniel David
    5233 High Lane, NY
    16 August, 2012

    Subject: Credit Deletion Letter

    To Whom It May Concern

    I am writing this reference in letter to the amount due in your name at Silver National Bank. It is stated that there is still an overdue amount of $450 from your side for the past few months.

    We are informing you with heartiest gratitude that the bank has decided to take the decision in your favour and will hereby delete the outstanding amount from your respective account. The decision will mean that you will be able to operate the account on a regular basis.

    The Silver Bank committee had made a decision to delete any outstanding amounts from customers’ accounts which are below $500 and have not been paid in the last six months. The bank now requests you to improve credit rating by making the required payments in time. This will eventually benefit you and the bank as well.

    We are looking forward to see you again at the bank.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Marcel Graham
    Branch Manager
    2133 Hilton Road Branch
    Silver Bank

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    Template of Credit Deletion Letter

    [Recipient’s Name]
    [Recipient’s Address]

    Subject: Credit Deletion Letter

    To Whom It May Concern

    This is in reference to the outstanding payments you have with .................... You have been unable to pay the required amount of ............... in the last ......... months.

    We will inform you with gratitude that the management has decided to wave off the due amount on your side so that you can regularly use your account. We have settled the amount in your favour as the bank decided to settle any small amounts which have not been paid.

    The firm now requests you to maintain a good credit rating so that you can benefit from it. We also expect you to remain in a very good relationship with our organization as our aim has always been to provide the best for the customers.

    Yours sincerely,
    [Sender’s Name]
    [Sender’s Title]
    [Company’s Name]
    [Company’s Address]

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