Client Appreciation Letter

Clients’ relation with their service provider is very delicate and it is often said that even the slightest lapse in service can lead to dissatisfaction.

Start the first paragraph thanking the recipient. The opening paragraph will usually include the reason why the letter was written. Do not write every single detail in the opening lines — just briefly tell the reader that you are satisfied with his/her services.

In the second paragraph, go a little deeper into the details of how the service or job was carried out, and how it made you happy. You can discuss briefly the tasks your service provider carried out in order to facilitate you. Tell him/her that the job was done within the deadline, which helped you resume your routine activities.

Conclude the letter by expressing your appreciation once again and say that you look forward to getting the same response from him/her.


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    Sample of Client Appreciation Letter


    Mike Hudson
    5th Street, New Sunbury Road,
    Edinburgh, Scotland 23412
    January 09, 2012


    Manager Customer Care Department
    Easy Renovation
    Richard Avenue, Town Hall Road,
    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to thank you for the renovation service you provided me a couple of weeks ago. I must appreciate that the job was done without any hassle and all my relatives are happy with your company and your team of dedicated workers.

    The task seemed a bit difficult at first, as my house needed some serious repairs. But quite surprisingly, you did the job at a cost much lower than your competitors. As for the quality of work, I can safely say that all the equipments and fixtures are or of the finest quality and will long last.

    I will once again thank you and your entire company. I look forward to a strong relationship between us.

    Mike Hudson

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    Template Client Appreciation Letter


    (Client’s name)
    (Client home/office address)
    (City, state, country, postal code)


    (Server name)
    (Server address)
    (City, state, country, postal code)

    Dear Sir/Mr____________,

    I would like to thank you for the technical assistance you gave me for my computer institute. I will say that the job was great as it solved all the glitches that hampered my work.

    The task was not easy, but after you sent you dedicated team of technical assistants, things improved rapidly. Most of the computers and other equipment needed a complete check, which was carried out very efficiently by your workers.  As for the quality of service, I will say you have been the best so far. Moreover, the cost of service was also within my range.

    I will thank you once again for your services and look forward to a long-term partnership between us.

    (Client name)

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