Bank Account error correction Letter

Sometimes it happens that the account holder in a specific bank finds some errors while updating their pass book. In such case, some people may panic. One must try to remain calm and write a letter to the bank, stating the errors in their bank statement.

The Bank Account error correction Letters are written in formal tone and must contain the correct and detailed information that will help the bank in fixing the issue. Make sure you do not mention any information that is not backed by any facts and figures, as it will not justify your points. Bank officials can only fix the issue when you provide them complete and proper details about your concerns.

Find out how to write a bank account error correction letter with the example and template which we have provided you with.

Tips to Write Bank Account error correction Letter

  • Be concise
  • Talk only about the errors
  • Use a formal and professional tone


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    Sample Bank Account error correction Letter

    Alex Smith
    Branch Manager
    ABC Bank
    3323 New York Avenue
    Troy, TX 76567
    January 11, 2013

    Dear Smith,

    I, the undersigned, hold a current account in your bank with account number 0092992229992-2. Yesterday, I updated my pass book in your branch and found that there were a couple of entries that were wrongly mentioned in the statement. Last week, I deposited a cheque, which amounted to $2000. It should have been cleared till date.

    In addition to that, I paid my shopping bill using my Debit card. However, the entry for the shopping bill amount was not mentioned in my pass book.

    Now I need to make an urgent payment to one of my business partner. Therefore, I need to know the correct balance of my account. Being a valuable customer of the bank, I request you to fix the error as soon as possible, so that I can proceed with my business transaction.

    Thanking you,
    Fred Couples

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    Template of Bank Account error correction Letter

    [Recipient Name]
    [Bank Name]
    [Street Address 1]
    [Street Address 2]

    Dear [Recipient Name],

    I, the undersigned, have a savings account in your bank. My account number is [Account Number]. Earlier this morning, I checked my bank statement and found that there were some entries missing in it.

    Two weeks ago, I deposited a cheque, amounted to $[Amount of cheque]. However, my bank statement still shows that the cheque has not been cleared, which I think, should have been done so far. In addition to that, [State if you have any other missing or wrong entry in your bank statement]

    [State the reason why you need urgent correction in the statement]. So, I want to know the current balance of my account. I hope that the concerned department will look into this matter as soon as possible.

    Thanking you,
    [Sender Name]

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