How to Write a Letter about Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is a very serious matter which needs be stopped immediately. Employees who are being harassed are annoyed by the constant harassing at the work place, as it makes them feel uncomfortable in the work area. The best way to go about this is to talk sternly to the harasser and make him/her aware, that this behavior is not welcome and needs to be stopped immediately. In most cases the harassment stops after the warning. However, if  that person is persistent, and does not back down, then you can always write an employee harassment letter against him/her.


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    The letter should be written like any business letter in a formal font such as Times New Roman. Start the letter in the standard pattern with salutations directed to “Mr.” or “Ms.” You should not be informal or casual in the letter, and do not make the mistake of addressing the harasser by his or her first name. Type the date on the top of the document with the time and date of the letter.

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    Explain the undesirable event which has occurred, try to be brief and to the point. Also mention the date and time of the behavior, if you have witnesses to support your claim, mention them in your letter as well. For example “ On Tuesday, May 24, at approximate 4: 20 you came into my office totally uninvited and tried to strike a conversations one way or another, even with me mentioning that I am busy at the moment. When I stepped up from my chair to get out of the office to get some fresh air, you came in my way and tried to hold my hand”. That was a pretty embarrassing situation for me as Aisha from Human resource department was standing in the doorway and she saw it all.

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    Let the harasser know that their behavior on that specific day and time was very unreasonable and totally unwelcome. Explain how that incident made you feel embarrassed and clearly mention the consequences for him or her if he/ she tread down the same path again. Make a firm and clear statement such as “In the future do not touch me, try to strike a conversation with me, or ask for kisses, I am not interested in any sort of relationship with you and I will never change my mind about it.”

    Sign the letter and deliver it to the harasser yourself.

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