How to Write a Business Statement

It is extremely important to put your purpose and action of doing business in writing. A business statement identifies the reason of doing business and defines the ways with which it is carried out. It is one of the most important components of the business which helps the employees to stay focussed. Furthermore, it helps to understand the goals and vision of the business and explains the ways with which those targets are going to be met. Besides, it also provides vital information about the business to the external stakeholders including customers, suppliers, society and government. Additionally, it provides the necessary information about the business. For instance, why it has been established and what are its future prospects? If you are looking forward to write a business statement, then this article will help you.


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    First of all, you must identify the keywords which explain your business for instance fly, offer, evaluate, increase and educate.

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    Then, you have to identify the keywords which describe the problem area which your business address or the gaps which it targets to fill up, for instance, health care, cancer, AIDS or technology.

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    Now, you have to find out the phrases which best describe your business and makes it distinct from other businesses. For instance, you can use the phrases like user friendly, award winning or low cost.

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    After that, you must start working to combine the different keywords which you have identified for your business, along with the phrases to make a sentence. You can use only one sentence as your business statement or you can use two or three sentences. However, it is advisable to keep your statement concise as well as comprehensive.

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    You can use your business statement to form your vision and mission statement. Vision statement is the statement which addresses that where the business will stand in the future. Whereas, the mission statement tells how the business is going to operate in the overall business environment and how it is going to achieve its goals and objectives.

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