Invitation to a Business Party

In the past, it was considered that a certain kind of seriousness is needed for the business development but then another school of thought decided to add some excitement in the dull and boring routine of office life. They came up with idea of business parties during the course of a year.

Now many companies are following this technique and a lots of parties are organised in or out of the offices. In case of such plans, an official announcement or invitation is always required to inform all the employees and associates about the occasion. The person who is responsible to spread the word should ensure that everyone on the guest list gets complete information of the location, date and time.

In the opening paragraph, you should invite the addressee by providing the complete information of venue, date and time. You should give your receiver clear idea about the nature of this gathering.

The next paragraph should comprise instructions about the dress code etc. You should be brief and clear to avoid the margin of confusion.

In the end, add some courteous sentences to make the other party realise that this invitation letter is not a regular/formal notice. Remind them to inform you about their status and then close your letter with proper salutation.


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    Sample of Invitation to a Business Party:

    Tom Hanks,
    HR Officer,
    Gary & Mecaan Associates,
    23 Meclod Road,
    Glasgow – 498725

    December 17, 2012.

    Mr. Richard Halbrook,
    Finance Manager,
    Gary & Mecaan Associates,
    17 Lyton Road,
    Glasgow - 778901

    Dear Mr. Halbrook,

    Gary & Mecaan Associates is pleased to invite you on a business get-together at Prima Hall on December 31, 2012. The party will begin at 8 pm and will reach to its climax at 12 am. This is a company-sponsored party so you do not need to bring anything.

    All the employees will be formally dressed and every one of you is allowed to bring one adult guest. However, your guest should also follow the dress code.

    Gary & Mecaan Associates will feel honoured to have your company on this occasion. Kindly inform Mr. Campbell about your status and let us know if you are bringing a guest with you.

    We look forward to see you at this gala and hope for your affirmative response.

    Very truly yours,

    Tom Hanks.

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    Template of Invitation to a Business Party:

    [Your Name]
    [Your Designation]
    [Company’s Name]
    [City and Postal code]


    [Receiver’s Name]
    [Designation (If applicable)]
    [Company’s Name]
    [City and Address]

    [Dear Mr. / Mrs. (last name of the recipient)]

    [Mention your company’s name] is delighted to announce an annual dinner at [put the venue] on [enter the relevant date]. The party will start at [exact time] and will reach to its climax at [exact time]. The whole funds for this party have been provided by [company’s name] so all you need is to be there on time and have fun.

    Allow me to inform you that all the guests will be formally dressed and they can bring one partner in this get-together.

    We request you to inform [relevant person’s name] about your programme and please notify if you are bringing someone with you.

    Hoping for your affirmative response,

    Very truly yours,

    [Your Name]

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