Promotion Acceptance Letter

Finding out that you have been promoted to senior position with more responsibilities is no doubt one of the most memorable and exciting times of your life. However, do not forget to confirm your promotion to your higher management by writing a formal promotion acceptance letter. Beside promotion confirmation, this letter provides you with an opportunity to thank your higher authorities and express your happiness about such a great achievement of your life.

Additionally, you can write about your future planning in order to make your promotion acceptance letter more attractive towards your management. Make sure to write this letter as professionally as you can and do not exceed one page at any cost.

If you want to learn how to write a promotion acceptance letter, the template and sample can serve as a guide to help you write one.

Tips to write a Promotion Acceptance Letter

  • Be thankful
  • Try to maintain a professional and formal tone
  • Be concise


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    Sample of Promotion Acceptance Letter

    Sandra Martin
    Minto Publishers Limited
    666, Main Street
    Kansas City, MO 12345

    April 22, 2009

    Damon Nowitzki
    Human Resource Director
    Minto Publishers Limited
    666, Main Street
    Kansas City, MO 12345

    Dear Mr. Nowitzki

    With reference to your letter which was written on 22nd March 2013, I would like to thank you for promoting me to the position of Marketing Director. I hereby formally accept this position and will take responsibility from the start of next month, 1st April 2013.

    I am confident that I have the required knowledge for this position and I will try my best to take this organization to new heights.

    Thank you so very much once again for your trust in my marketing potential.


    Sandra Martin

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    Template of Promotion Acceptance Letter

    (Your Name)
    (Your Address)
    (Your Phone Number)
    (Your Email Address)


    (Company’s Address)
    (City & Zip Code)

    Dear (Recipient’s Sir Name),

    With reference to your yesterday’s letter, I would like to express my gratitude to you for promoting me to the position of (Mention your new designation). I heartily accept the position and I will assume the role from ­­­­__________ (Mention Date).

    I am quite confident that I have all the required knowledge for the new position. I will do my best to meet and hopefully surpass your expectations. Kindly be assured that the best of my performance will put forth towards the growth of the (Mention your company’s name) and customer satisfaction, which is the backbone of the company.

    Thank you so very much once again for your trust in my potential.

    Respectfully / Sincerely/ or Truly

    (Signature of the Sender)
    (Name of the Sender)


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