How to Write an Acceptance Letter for a Job offer

Writing an acceptance letter for a job offer is a formal letter a professional way to respond to an organization that offers you a specific position within their company. An acceptance letter for a job offer provides you with an excellent opportunity to show your professional attitude and dedication towards the new job. You acceptance letter should declare your intention to accept the position offered by the employer. In addition to that, you can mention the date you will begin working for the new company. The following simple steps given below are to write an impressive Acceptance Letter for a Job offer:


  • 1

    Your contact Information

    Write your contact information at the left top of the page. For example:

    Your Name
    Your Address
    Your City, State, Zip Code
    Your Phone Number
    Your Email Address

  • 2


    Now leave one line and put the date of writing an Acceptance Letter for a Job offer just below your contact information.

  • 3

    Employer’s Contact Information

    Leave one line below the date and write down your new emplyer's contact information. For example:

    Name of the employer
    Employers’ designation or department
    name of the organization
    Address of the organization
    City, State, Zip Code

  • 4

    Add Salutation

    Leave one line and add Salutation like Dear (Mr. / Ms. / Mrs.) and write the second name of your new employer.

  • 5

    Introductory Paragraph

    The introductory paragraph of your Acceptance Letter for a Job offer should contain the information that you are accepting their offer for a specific job in their organization. You can thank them for providing you with an opportunity to work with them.

  • 6

    Middle Paragraph

    In the second paragraph of the letter, you will inform your new employer that you agree with their salary offer. You can write about your excitement to join them on the date agreed upon. It is even better to mention other benefits offered by the organization.

  • 7

    Last Paragraph

    In the conclusion of the letter, you can state that you are excited to be bringing your experience and skills to their organization (write full name of the company). Ask them to contact you if there is any additional paperwork or information they need.

  • 8

    Formal closing salutation

    Leave one line and write a formal closing salutation like “Yours sincerely,” or “Yours Truly.”

  • 9

    Handwritten Signature

    Now sign your name below the formal closing salutation.

  • 10

    Typed Signature

    Close your Acceptance Letter for a Job offer with your typed signature at the left end of the page (right below your handwritten signature).

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