Scholarship Acceptance Letter

Being a student, one of the dreams is to win the scholarship. However, the scholarship is awarded to only a selected number of students, particularly those who have been doing exceptionally good in academics and deserve some kind of a reward for the good show.

Hence, getting a scholarship is not something easy because a student has to do some extra hard work along with a lot of dedication towards the studies. Even then, only some lucky students are able to win the scholarship. Upon wining the scholarship, the students are formally required to show some gratitude by means of a Scholarship Acceptance Letter.

If you don’t know how to write a scholarship acceptance letter, simply scroll down and follow our step by step guide which will help you in writing this letter.

Tips to Write a Scholarship Acceptance Letter

  • Since you are writing to a senior party, write the letter in a formal and professional tone
  • Do not write in too much detail
  • Be thankful to the other party


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    Sample of Scholarship Acceptance Letter

    Michael William
    Princeton School
    498, Nugget Street
    Remington, UK 568

    Ms. Sandra Davis
    National Director
    Federal Scholarship Board
    278, Amnesia Lane
    Ahuja, GTS 207

    10th April, 2012

    Respected Madam,

    I am absolutely honoured and excited while I write this letter to you, since this letter is in response to the scholarship that was recently awarded to me by the J Scholarship Board.

    After receiving this scholarship, I will now be able to fulfil my dreams about becoming a professor as now I will be able to complete my PhD at any University of my choice.

    Consider this letter as a formal acceptance of the scholarship from my side. This letter was an opportunity to thank the Board. It is hard for me to express my gratitude in words and by making the best out of this opportunity, I will let the board know how badly I wanted this scholarship.

    I thank you once again from the core of my heart.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Michael William

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    Template of Scholarship Acceptance Letter

    (Your Name)
    (Your Address)
    (Your Phone Number)
    (Your Email Address)


    (Company’s Address)
    (City & Zip Code)

    Dear (Recipient’s Sir Name),

    I feel honored and extremely happy writing this letter to you. This letter is in reference to __________________________ by ___________________________. The letter confirming the award was received on _______________. Upon winning this scholarship award, I shall now be _________________________________________________________________________________.

    Nevertheless, this letter should be considered as ____________________________. I look upon this opportunity to express my deepest thanks to the Board for awarding me this remarkable opportunity. There are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation for this reward. However, I will try to make sure that I make the best use of this blessing opportunity.


    Yours _________________,

    (Name of Sender)

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