Insurance Appeal Letter

Insurance policies come handy in time of dire need as the company provides a guarantee that compensation will be given in lieu of loss, damage, death and illness against the payment to the company. Listing down the categories of the insurance will be impossible as they range from agriculture to alien abduction.

Getting insured covers all the aspects of accidents and damages and serves as a back-up plan when you run out of options for setting all or any losses which you have incurred. The policies differ from agency to agency of course, as insurance can easily back your family in the time of need even if you are there anymore.

However, claiming insurance can get tricky provided on the situation that you have been in.

Start off with the reason for writing in. Then inform the insurance company about the details of the patient (dates for the check up and the doctor). Enclose the relevant documents that will serve your cause and mention about them.


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    Sample of an Insurance Appeal Letter

    April 28, 2012

    Bake Taylor
    At&Ct Corporation
    Fifth Avenue, West Street, 524-C
    Miami, 5787

    Re: John Smith

    Medical Insurance
    Policy Number: 56475

    Dear Franks,

    Kindly accept this letter for making available the medical insurance for Mr. Smith, as it had been denied and now he needs the insurance claim immediately. This letter also serves as the follow-up of the message that you sent regarding denial of the insurance.

    You already are aware of the medical issues of Mr. Smith. He was diagnosed with an unstable cardiac condition and has been suffering since quite a while now. Dr. Jones is the examiner for Mr. Smith and issued the reports on January 23, 2011.

    For further insight for the details of the medical condition, please see the enclosed letter from the doctor, who has also mapped out the medical history of the patient.

    We could not provide you with all the relevant data before and now have enclosed all the important reports that you will need to make the eventual decision.

    I hope that you will very soon grant us the required assistance and reconsider that the decision that you had made earlier.

    Mr. Smith will be anxiously waiting for your reply.


    Bake Taylor

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    Template of an Insurance Appeal Letter


    Your name
    Your address
    Your city, state, ZIP

    Re:Patient: [patient name]

    Name of insurance company
    Insurance company address
    City, state, ZIP

    Dear [Mr./Ms./Director of Claims name, if available],

    The letter is to request you for refreshing the status of the medical insurance of Mr. [ name ], who needs to be admitted instantly owing to the acute medical condition.

    For further assistance, I have enclosed all the relevant medical documents along with the up coming schedules of the patient so that you can provide the insurance well in accordance.

    We need to coordinate the hospital and insurance payment plans so kindly reply timely.

    Looking forward to your response,


    [Your signature]

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