Event Cancellation Letter

Events are a great way to connect with people and grow your professional network. Formal dinners, get-togethers, charity events, award ceremonies, they are all a normal part of professional life and people make time for such events.

However, things don’t always go to plan, and managing such events is never easy. If you are in charge of management, you will need to ensure that the date, venue, timings and arrangements are in order. If something uncontrollable gets in the way though, you will need to send prompt event cancellation letters and follow up to make sure everyone received them.

Having to cancel an event is disappointing as it is, but you will be making it worse if you don’t notify the invitees of the cancellation. In this guide we will show you how to write an event cancellation letter and also provide a sample and a template for reference.

Tips for Writing an Event Cancellation Letter

  • Keep the letter concise and clearly communicate the cancellation
  • Identify the event being cancelled so people know which one you are referring to
  • Give a reason for the cancellation
  • Share a new date or tentative schedule for the event in the future
  • Apologize to the invitees


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    Sample of an Event Cancellation Letter

    Mr. John Smith,
    Media and Communication Officer,
    Paragon Entertainment Company,
    Ilford, London – 177510,

    December 25, 2012.

    Mr. Bruce Lavender,
    Ilford, London – 616948

    Dear Mr. Bruce,

    I must regrettably notify you that the New Year Night party that our company organized is being cancelled. As you know that recent rain and thunderstorm has destroyed a significant number of villages and many people do not have any shelter as a result. We felt that it will be a kind gesture if we donate the whole budget of this party for the benefit of the affected.

    As you know, Paragon Entertainment Company has always played an imperative role for the betterment of this society, we wanted to inform all invitees of our decision.

    We apologize for any inconvenience however, and hope that you will see our decision positively and support it.

    Even though we have cancelled the New Year Night party, we intend to host a get-together at the end of January to celebrate the New Year. Your invitation will be dispatched a week before the event and we hope to see you there.

    Thank you and have a nice year ahead.


    Mr. John Smith

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    Template of an Event Cancellation Letter

    [Your Name]
    [Your Designation]
    [Company’s Name]
    [City and Postal code]


    [Recipient’s Name]
    [City and Address]

    Dear Mr./Ms. (Recipient’s name),

    This letter is to regretfully inform you that [give complete details of the event] is being cancelled. Like you, we were very excited about the event and were in the final stages of our preparation. However, [mention the reason of your revised decision] forced us to cancel this gathering.

    We will be hosting another gathering (new schedule) from now and as soon as the date is finalized, we will dispatch your invitation.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that you will understand our circumstances.

    Thank you.


    [Your Name]

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