Librarian Application Letter

Like any other job, a librarian application letter is sent to prospective employers who have advertised a vacancy. However, typically these will be limited to government and private schools, colleges and universities. Some towns may also have central libraries, where you can apply for the position of librarian.

In any case, you can follow the instructions given here on how to write a librarian application letter and use the sample and template provided below to draft your own custom librarian application.

The introduction should reveal the purpose of the letter and then you should move on to detailing your qualifications and prior work experience.

You should also state whether you are comfortable with manual management or a digital inventory. In case you have experience with both kinds of systems, highlight that in your letter as well.

Do not oversell yourself though. Remember, this letter is only an introduction to go with your resume or CV, and you’ll get plenty to say during the interview, if you get the call.

Tips for Writing a Librarian Application Letter

  • Write it like you would write a cover letter
  • Keep it formal, concise and to the point
  • Clearly state relevant skills and previous work experience
  • You should also give a reason for your choice


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    Sample of a Librarian Application Letter

    Sam Harris,
    ABC Library,
    New York, United States

    Subject: Application for the post of librarian

    Dear Sir,

    Courtesy of your website and some of the well-known newspapers, I learned about the vacancy of a librarian at your library. I have prior experience in library management and have also been involved in helping government schools and colleges set up libraries in different states.

    Given my work experience and references, I believe that I am a suitable candidate for this position.

    Having spent over 15 years in library management, I am well versed with most library management software. I also have considerable experience with manual management, which should not be a problem either.

    I am hopeful that you will review my credentials and CV with interest and am looking forward to working with your team.

    Your faithfully,

    John Steven

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    Template of a Librarian Application Letter

    (Recipient’s name)
    (Recipient’s designation)
    (Company name)

    Subject: ________________________

    Dear (Recipient’s name/Sir),

    I came to know through your website that there are vacancies available for library staff at (library/organization name). I have prior experience in library management and have been working the (library name) for the last (duration of work).

    My skills include automated and manual management and record keeping of books with considerable experience. My resume is attached with this letter, and will be helpful in shedding more light on my suitability for the position.

    I enthusiastically look forward to putting my work experience and knowledge into the library management system you are running at your library.

    Hope to receive an interview call from you soon.

    Your faithfully,

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