Letter for Extension of Leave

An extension leave letter is written when a person is on leave, and due to some reason or an emergency, he or she intends to take a few more days off. Even if you have applied for your initial leaves, you will need to inform your workplace that you will be out for a couple more days, so that they can plan things accordingly. Let us show you how to write a Letter for Ext

Tips for Writing a Letter for Extension of Leave

  • Start with recalling your original leave request.
  • Give a reason as to why you need an extension.
  • Adopt an apologetic tone.
  • Assure your supervisor that your work will not suffer.
  • Give the exact number of additional days you need off.


  • 1

    Sample of a Letter for Extension of Leave #1

    Monica Green
    70 Forks Ln
    Mackville, KY 40040-7030
    (859) 375-0083
    California, America

    16th June 2011

    Simon Marshal
    General Manager
    Fresno Dmv Office
    655 West Olive Avenue, Fresno
    California, America

    Subject: Leave Extension Letter

    Respected Sir,

    As I had informed earlier, due to my grandmother’s sickness I was permitted to take five days off from the office. Unfortunately, her condition has worsened and she has been admitted to the hospital for an open heart surgery. I would be very grateful if you extend my leave and allow me to take four more days off, from the 18th of June 2011 till the 22nd of June 2011.

    I would appreciate it very much if you considered my request.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

    Monica Green
    Assistant Manger

  • 2

    Extension of Leave Letter Sample #2

    Megan Fox
    112 Fieldboro Dr
    Trenton, NJ 08648-3613
    (609) 883-0347

    6th June 2011

    James Blunt
    Project Manager
    ABC Telecom Company
    California, America

    Subject: Leave Extension Letter

    Dear Mr. Blunt,

    As you might be aware, I took a few days off this week because I had to shift my house, but unfortunately I fractured my arm while shifting my luggage, due to which I will not be able to come to work for 6 weeks.

    Hence, I must regretfully request a leave extension, and have attached a medical report along with this letter. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact me.

    I hope you will consider my request favorably.

    Best Regards,

    Megan Fox
    Project Coordinator

  • 3

    Template of a Letter for Extension of Leave

    (Your Name)
    (State and postal code)
    (City, Country)


    (Employer’s Name)
    (Employee’s designation)
    (Organization’s Name)
    (Organization’s Address)

    Subject: (the subject should be bold and underlined)

    Dear Mr. /Ms. Mrs. (Last Name),

    As you might be aware, I had requested for (Number of original leaves) leaves in order to (Original reason for leave). (Unfortunately/Incidentally) (New reason for extension) has happened, and I fear I will not be able to come to work for another (New number of leaves requested).

    I will be grateful if you approve an extension in my leaves. I will definitely be back at work on the (Date of return).

    Hoping to get a positive response from you.


    (Your Name)
    (Your Designation)

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