Brother’s Marriage Leave Letter

Everyone today is caught up in a busy routine, but some events force us to take time out from our hectic lives. For instance, if your brother is getting married, you can’t just skip it, and will need to take leaves from work.

Since most organizations require employees to submit written leave requests, here we will show you how to write a brother’s marriage leave letter. We have also provided samples and a template to further help you.

Tips for Writing a Brother’s Marriage Leave Letter


  • 1

    Keep the letter short and concise.
    You don't need to give details about the marriage itself.
    Give the exact dates of your absence.
    Don't invite your boss or supervisor if you aren't very close.

    Brother's Marriage Leave Letter Sample #1


  • 2

    Fred Weasly,
    21 Park Avenu, Old Road,

    Date: 12th March 2012. Subject: Application for Leave for 4 Days on Account of Brother’s Wedding.


  • 3

    Dear sir, In reference to our verbal conversation earlier, I’m writing this application to request a leave for 4 days, starting from the 25th of March 2012 to 29th of March 2012 on account of my Brother’s wedding.


  • 4

    I thank you in advance for the sanction of the 4 leaves on the above mentioned dates, and assure you of my continued loyalty to this esteemed organization.


    Hermoine Granger

  • 5

    Brother's Marriage Leave Letter Sample #2

    Jannet Jackson,
    31st Lower Avenue, New Road,
    Washington DC,

  • 6

    Date: 12th August 2012.

    Subject: Request for Leave of 2 Days.

    Dear Madam,

  • 7

    It is respectfully stated that I, Jack Black, submit a request to take leave from the office for 2 days because of my brother’s wedding. The leave required is from 14th August 2012 to 16th August and I will be joining back on the 17th of August 2012.

  • 8

    I would be obliged if the leave is granted on the aforementioned dates.

    Thanking you,

    Jack Black.

  • 9

    Template for Brother's Marriage Leave Letter

    Your employer’s name,
    Complete Address,

  • 10

    Date: of the day the application is written on.

    Subject: is usually bold and underlined that gives a crux of your leave application.

    Dear sir,

  • 11

    As per our discussion, I am writing this letter to formally request a (Number of days) leave from (Date of starting leave) to (Date of rejoining) due to (Your reason for leave).

    I will be grateful for your approval of my request so that I can fully participate in my brother's marriage.

  • 12

    Looking forward to your positive response,

    (Your name)

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