Goodbye Love Letter

The day when this letter is written is one lovers hope would never come.

A goodbye letter from a lover does not come only when one partner ditches another, but can also be a result of an unavoidable separation or mishap. A letter to a soldier going to war gives a fair idea of what we are trying to imply.

Anyhow, goodbye love letters are testament to the fact that even though the paths are getting separate, there is still that undying light of love that binds the two lovers. It is a symbolic gesture of all the feelings that make love such a fantasy. You do not need to be formal in these sorts of letters; after all they are nothing but the expression of the heart and reflection of your soul. Salutations and other formalities are not required.


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    Sample for a Goodbye Love Letter

    Dear Saira,

    For the last two and half years while we were colleagues, I could never tell you how much I adored you. The way you twiddle your hair, the manner in which you talk and then suddenly smile, your gait, your voice and your mannerism are something that have always amazed me. But, now you are going, about to be the wife of somebody I don’t know. And, now I rue all those times when I missed the opportunity to express my love for you. I could never muster enough courage to engage in a conversation and rather intentionally avoided you. Now that you are going, my heart pains so much that I cannot describe the feeling in words. I want to cry out loud, but I guess there is no use for that as well.

    All I can say at this time is that I always loved you and will continue to do so. I always believed that I am a one woman man, and you will always be the one. I do not want you to get upset by this letter, and should burn it soon after reading, for I do not want any difficulties in your future life.

    Always yours,

    James Shah

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    Template for a Goodbye Love Letter

    Dear [First Name of Lover],

    We had a wonderful time together, but the persistent interference of your family in our personal life has left me with no choice but to end this relationship. I know, my decision will hurt your feelings, but you will realize in the longer run that it was better for both of us. I still care for you deeply and realize that you cannot force your family to stay out of your personal matters. If there is anything you need in future, please let me be the first to know.

    Goodbye and take care.

    [Your Name]

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