Christmas letter to Son

There is no better time than Christmas to show your love towards your son. Send him a Christmas letter and make him feel special!

Clearly state the reason of writing letter in the introductory paragraph of the letter, wishing your son a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Tell your son how much you love him in the second paragraph of the letter. Moreover, mention some of his unforgettable childhood memories.

Wish him a very Happy Holiday Season to conclude the letter.

End the letter with a proper closing gesture, like “With Love,” “Love you always” etc.


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    Sample of Christmas letter to Son

    16th December, 2012

    David Anderson
    Flat 2222
    Maple Street,

    Dear Son Anderson,

    You mean the world to me! My Christmas letter this year is to wish you a Merry Christmas and to let you know just how very much you mean to your mom.

    I still remember that precious moment of my life when I came to know that I was expecting a baby boy. You make me feel a proud mother since that very first moment. Watching you growing and going through different phases of life successfully was a wonderful experience. You have brought me nothing but pure ecstasy since you birth. I am proud of you my son.

    As all mothers do, I have desires, dreams and best wishes for you.  May you have the most excellent Christmas and a memorable New Year!

    With Love and Prayers,

    Your Mom

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    Template of Christmas letter to Son


    [Your Son’s Name]
    [Your Son’s Address]

    Dear [Your Son’s Name],

    Your Mom is sending a special letter your way, wrapped in love and to wish you a very Happy Christmas.

    I still remember you childhood when you were my cute boy, trying to walk and imitate me. Moreover, how can I forget that special moment when you called me “Mom” for the first time! Time passed, and look here you are; grown into handsome and well-mannered gentleman. Every achievement of yours was a kind of special success for me. You gave meaning to my life and made my life worthwhile! God bless you son!

    May you have joys of Christmas season, a Happy New Year and a cheerful long life!

    With love and prayers,

    [Your signature or Name]

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    Christmas Greeting for Son

    - The most loving wishes are being sent to a special son, who is kind, talented and loving.

    - May ecstasy and gladness snow on you, may the bells clink for you and may Santa Claus be extra kind to you!  Happy Christmas!

    - You are Extraordinary you are Unique; May your Christmas be also as extraordinary and unique as you are!

    - Sincere thoughts and finest wishes for a Happy Christmas and wonderful New Year.

    - May success, love and opulence follow you always. Merry Christmas!

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