Holiday Leave Letter

After getting through a complete year of work or finishing a demanding assignment, most people are ready for a well deserved vacation. Some time off work to enjoy and relax gives staff members an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones or travel to new places.

If you are thinking of taking a vacation, let’s get started with writing a holiday leave letter.

Tips for Writing a Holiday Leave Letter


  • 1

    Clearly mention the dates when you will be gone and when you will return.
    Make sure you leave someone in charge of your work.
    Provide contact information for the duration you will be gone.
    Give advance notice of your plans so that your work doesn't suffer.

    Sample of a Holiday Leave Letter #1


  • 2

    Arnold Sanders
    Managing Director
    ABC Computers
    123 Circuits Ave, London

    Stewart Big
    Assistant Manager

    Date: June 16, 2010

    Re: Annual Leave


  • 3

    Dear Mr. Sanders,

    I am writing this letter to request a one-week leave for vacation. According to the human resources department, I have 8 remaining leaves in my annual balance, and I would like to utilize them.


  • 4

    If my leave is approved, I will be traveling with my family to meet my parents, who live out of the state. However, I will be available by phone to provide any assistance if necessary.

    As for my work, I recommend that it be divided between John Seymour and Jane Lewis, because they are familiar with the projects I am working on.


  • 5

    I hope you will approve my leave request for the given dates so that I can make travel plans accordingly.


    Stewart Big

  • 6

    Holiday Leave Letter Sample #2

    Dillon Junior
    Director of Art
    XYZ Studio
    123 Design Ave, New York

    Samuel Senior
    Lead Designer

  • 7

    Date: July 15, 2012

    Dear Mr. Junior,

    After an eventful 2011, I would like to request holiday leaves from September 23 to October 12. I will be making a trip down to Hawaii to spend some time with my fiance.

  • 8

    I currently have 20 days left over in my annual leave balance and would like to use all of them for this break.

    I will complete all projects before I leave so that no work is left pending. I thank you in advance for approving my leave on the given dates so that I can make travel plans accordingly.


    Samuel Senior

  • 9

    Template of a Holiday Leave Letter

    (Manager's Name)
    (Position in Company)
    (Company Name)
    (Company Address)

    (Employee Name)
    (Employee's Title)

  • 10


    Re: (Subject of letter)

    Dear (Manager's last name),

    I am writing this letter to formally request a (Number of days) leave to go on a holiday trip with my (family/friends/fiance). My remaining annual leave balance is (Number of leaves in balance) and I intend to utilize (Number of days you want to use).

  • 11

    If my request is approved, I intend to be away from office between (Date of start) and (Date of end). My work is (Give work status) and I recommend that (Colleague name) be put in charge during my absence.

    If required, I will be available via e-mail to assist you and my teammates.

    Looking forward to a positive response,


    (Employee Name)

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