Christmas letter to Employees

Writing a Christmas letter to employees is a good way to let them know that the management admires their contribution in the success of the organization.

Wish all your staff members a very Happy Christmas in the very first paragraph of the letter.

The second paragraph of the letter should revolve around the contribution of the employees in the achievements of the company during the year. Admire your staff on their output and contribution in the overall performance and achievements of the organization. Moreover, mention some of the major accomplishments of the company, reaffirming that it takes a team effort to achieve those goals.

Wish your employees a magnificent holiday season with their family to conclude the letter in a nice way.

End the letter with a proper closing salutation, followed by your name, designation and organization’s name.


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    Sample of Christmas letter to Employees

    The Staff Members
    Sky Bank Limited
    Park Lane,

    December 17, 2012

    To all the employees of Sky Bank Limited,

    The Bank Management would like to expand warm Christmas and New Year greetings to all our staff members and their families. We wish that this Christmas season will be enjoyed by all with the colors and lights.

    Our Bank has a high regard for your capabilities and hard work you place in your tasks. The company had a  number of challenges through the fiscal year, but your valor, fortitude, determination and adamant desire to meet the company’s goals has brought us this far. Sky Bank Limited
    has seen an incredible growth during the hard-hitting economic times.

    Happy holidays!


    Chris Mathew

    Sky Bank Limited

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    Template of Christmas letter to Employees

    [Address Staff Members]
    [Company’s Name]
    [Company’s Address]


    To all employees of [Company’s Name],

    The management takes this wonderful opportunity to show gratitude to all the employees of [Company’s Name] and extend sincere wishes for Christmas and New Year.

    The management of [Company’s Name] admires your efforts and contributions in the growth and developments of the organization. We are really delighted with every employee’s work outputs and overall production. It is just because of your capabilities and hard work that the company not only performed well in the market, but went even beyond our missions and goal for previous fiscal year. Thank you once again for the tremendous achievements we had.

    We wish you all a very magnificent and affluent year ahead and may we all work together this way every year and bring more accomplishments to our organization.

    Happy holidays.

    [Your name]


    [Company Name]

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    Christmas Greetings for Employees

    "Accept best wishes to you all and your families for a pleasing Christmas and a very Happy New Year".

    "May God bless and keep you all.  See you next year!"

    "May your holiday season and the New Year be filled with much happiness, cheerfulness and achievements".

    "Happy Christmas! Thank you so very much for your contribution in the success of the company".

    "Warm greetings of Christmas and New Year to all our precious employees!"

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