Employment Satisfaction Letter

It is every employee’s wish to excel at their job and make their employer feel proud of them. When you are in charge of a department at your company and you find that one of your workers has done a great job, you will be expected to express your satisfaction for that worker’s efforts.

Here is how you can write a powerful employment satisfaction letter:

Start the first paragraph of the letter by expressing your satisfaction in the recipient’s service or employment. You can explain how important his/her role was in completing the tasks at the organization. Bear in mind that the opening paragraph should only focus on why this letter was written.

The second paragraph can go a bit deeper into explaining how the job/service was carried out, and how it helped you and the entire organization benefit from it. The details of the recipient’s achievements can be briefly mentioned, but do not write long sentences as it turns off the reader.

Conclude the letter by expressing your satisfaction and confidence into your employee once again and say you look forward to getting the same response from him/her.


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    Sample Employment Satisfaction Letter

    8th August 2012,
    Mr. Stephen Ponting,
    SME Company Inc,
    St. John Road,
    London, United Kingdom 14562,

    Dear Stephen,

    We would like to inform you that the SME Company Inc. is satisfied with your services and the efforts you have been making in order to meet your sales targets. It is pleasantly surprising that you have only been employed at the company for two months, but you have learned the basic marketing and sales skills quickly.

    Although you have done well in all the current projects, your attracting hundreds of new prospects to our services is something we are particularly happy about.

    We wish you all the best in your work and look forward to seeing the same performance from you.

    Your Sincerely,

    Davis Matt
    Sales Director
    SME Company Inc.,
    St. John Road,
    London, United Kingdom 14562

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    Employment Satisfaction Letter Template

    (Employee’s name)
    (Company’s name)
    (Company’s address)
    (City, country, postal code)


    I would like to express our confidence into your services for the __________Inc.  I am fully satisfied with your services and the efforts you have been making to get our new project off the ground.

    The project, which seemed a non-starter at first, showed signs of success after it was taken over by you. Your technical expertise and sensible decision-making helped us and your entire team achieve all the initial targets.

    I would thank you once again, and hope that you will keep providing your valuable services to the ________ Inc. in the years to come.

    Your Sincerely

    (Employer’s name)
    (Employer’s designation)
    (Company’s name)
    (Company’s address)
    (City, country, postal code)

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