School Admission Cover Letter

Most educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities require students to submit cover letters for admission. Students are expected to express their intention to seek admission in the said organization and state the reasons behind their choice.

In essence, you have to show and convey why you wish to study at that particular organization and more importantly, why they should induct you over thousands of other applicants.

It is generally recommended that you send your cover letters to several institutions so that even if some of them reject you, you can have other options.

Here we will show you how to write a school admission cover letter along with a sample and a template which you can use for reference when writing your own cover letter.

Tips for Writing a School Admission Cover Letter

  • Use formal language to show that you are serious about your application
  • Use proper salutations and address the letter to the appropriate person
  • Clearly give your reasons for wanting to join that particular institute
  • Share how you believe studying there will benefit you and the institute
  • Sign the letter if sending a hard copy


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    Sample of a School Admission cover letter

    Mr. Carlos Tevez,
    Head of Admissions,
    St. Mathew’s School,
    Bayonne – New Jersey 07080,

    Subject: Admission cover letter

    Dear Sir,

    It is with great pleasure that I am submitting my application for admission into St. Mathew’s School this year. I am currently residing in New York, and will be completing my 8th grade education, after which I intend to move to New Jersey and get enrolled in your prestigious institution.

    In my current school, St. Mary’s Academy, I am head of the Primary Sports Department, and am the team captain for the Primary Football team.

    In my last mid-terms I managed to score 96%, the second highest in my class. My interests include sports, movies, music, graphics design and athletics. I believe that if given a chance, I will be a valuable addition to your current batch of students.

    I know about the sports facilities offered at St. Mathew’s, and I am really looking forward to helping out younger students and passing on my experience.

    References from my current teachers are enclosed with this letter, kindly let me know if you need anything else.

    Looking forward to a positive response from you.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Mathew Flamengo

    Enc: (3 References)

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    Template for a School Admission Cover letter

    (Name of recipient),
    (Department name),
    (Name of institution),

    Subject: Admission cover letter

    Dear Mr./Ms. (Name of recipient),

    It is with great pleasure that I am applying for an admission in your school (Name of school) for the session starting (Session starting date).

    I have completed (nearly completed) my (Grade you are in) education from (Name of current/previous school) in (City/state of school). Not only did I manage to get (Percentage from last exams) in my last exams, I am also involved in (Mention extracurricular activities).

    I believe if given an opportunity, I will be a valuable addition to your current body of students, and will be passing on my experience in (Extracurricular activities/projects) to my fellow schoolmates.

    References from my previous teachers are enclosed with this letter and I will be more than willing to provide any additional information you require.

    Looking forward to your response,


    (Your name)

    Enc: (Number of references or documents enclosed)

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