Project Acceptance Letter

In the world of business, companies work together on joint ventures or projects to achieve a common business objective. In order to undertake a project, companies have to provide details of the project to the concerned company. If the project is accepted then they are sent the project acceptance letter along with the project acceptance form which is signed by the requesting company.

While writing a project acceptance letter, it is essential to mention all the important information and also it is important to proof read it afterwards.

If you want to learn how to write a project acceptance letter, simply scroll down and see the template and sample which we have provided.

Tips to write a Project Acceptance Letter

  • Write everything down in detail
  • Maintain a formal and professional tone
  • Keep a check on grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Be thankful


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    Sample of Project Acceptance Letter

    Joe Adams
    Project Officer
    149-A, Suite No 3
    Tek Pvt Ltd
    5th Avenue


    Anne David
    Project Director
    44, Suite No 2,
    Main Boulevard
    A& M Co

    Dear Ms. David,

    I am writing this letter with reference to the proposal which you sent to me on 1/2/2012. I have to inform you that your proposal fully fits our criteria and therefore we have accepted it.

    We have added an acceptance form in this envelope, kindly sign it and send it back to us as soon as possible.

    Thank you and best regards!


    Signatures of Joe Adams

    Joe Adams

    Project Officer

    Tek Pvt. Ltd

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    Template of Project Acceptance Letter

    Sender’s Name
    Sender’s Address
    Sender’s Phone Number


    Receiver’s Name
    Receiver’s Address
    Receiver’s Phone Number

    Dear __________,

    With reference to the project proposal sent by ____ on ________, it is to inform you that it ________________ and therefore has been accepted.

    Please find ________ to sign the ___________  form and kindly send it at your earliest in order to proceed further.
    Thank you and best regards.


    Signature of the sender

    Name of the sender


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