Public & National Holidays in Denmark

Denmark, officially recognized as the Kingdom of Denmark, is one of the most independent countries of Northern Europe. This beautiful state enjoys many self-governing public and national holidays. Most of the businesses and offices in Denmark remain close during these national holidays. However, numerous public leisure organizations operate for a few hours, keeping family free-time requirements in mind.


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    Holidays in January

    1st – New Year’s Day

    Like many states worldwide, 1st January is a national holiday in Denmark in order to welcome the New Year with great pomp and show.

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    Holidays in March

    Maundy Thursday

    It is also known as “Paschal Thursday,” “Sheer Thursday,” or “Passion Thursday.”  It is celebrated a day right before “Good Friday,” occurring during the Holy Week. It usually falls in the month of March.

    Good Friday

    This holiday is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday and the day followed by Maundy Thursday. It is celebrated with great respect and memorializes Jesus Christ’s passion, crucifixion and passing away.

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    Holidays in April

    Easter Sunday

    It is also known as Easter Day. It is usually celebrated during the last week of March in order to observe Jesus Christ’s rebirth from death.

    Easter Monday

    It is a day subsequent to the Eater Sunday and falls on the month of April. It is basically the yearly festivity of Christ's reappearance.

    General Prayer Day

    It is also referred as “Day of Repentance and Prayer” and is celebrated on the fourth Friday after Easter.

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    Holidays in May

    Ascension Day

    It is celebrated on the 40th day right after the Easter. It is celebrated to honour the Christian belief that “Jesus Christ was accessioned into heaven.”


    It is also known as “Whit Sunday” or “Whitsunday.” This national holiday is celebrated 7 weeks after Easter and commemorates the new testament of the Bible which states “the fall of the Holy Ghost upon the disciples of Jesus Christ.”

    Whit Monday

    It is also known as “Pentecost Monday.” It is a next day after Pentecost and the reason for its celebration is same as that of Whit Sunday.

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    Holidays in December

    25th - Christmas Day

    It is also known as “First Day of Christmas.” this national holiday is basically the start of the celebrations of “Jesus Christ’s birth.”

    26th – Second Day of Christmas

    It is also called as “2nd Christmas Day.” it is a part of Jesus Christ’s birthday celebrations.

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