Public & National Holidays in Singapore

Singapore is a country of great cultural and religious diversity due to which the local populace observes various kinds of religious holidays, so that all of the communities have equal rights in terms of representation. The holidays are based on the Gregorian calendar, along with the correspondence of Chinese, Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist calendars.


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    Holidays in January

    1st – New Year’s Day

    Like most of the countries around the world, the Gregorian New Year’s Day is also declared as an official holiday by the state of Singapore.

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    Holidays in February

    10, 11 & 12th – Chinese New Year

    Due to a great number of Chinese people living in Singapore, the state also declares national holidays on the start of the Chinese New Year.

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    Holidays in March

    29th – Good Friday

    It’s a Christian religious festival that marks the day when Jesus Christ was crucified upon the cross. The Good Friday is followed by a day of mourning and Easter day, which marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, the latter two are not observed as state holidays in the country.

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    Holidays in May

    1st – Labour Day

    The day is to commemorate the achievements of workers, honouring them for the sacrifices they made. It’s a state declared holiday.

    24th – Vesak Day

    Vesak Day is observed by Buddhist community, known as the birthday of Buddha. The day holds great importance to the followers of Buddhism, who feast on vegetarian food and give away charity to the poor.

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    Holidays in August

    8th – Hari Raya Puasa

    Also known as Eid-ul-Fitr or the Feast of Breaking of the Fast, is an Islamic festival that is celebrated all around the world. The date is commemorated to mark the ending of the Holy month of Ramadan, which is considered to be sacred by the Islamic community, as they pray and fast for pleasing Allah. Although the Eid is based upon the Islamic Lunar Calendar, its corresponding date on the Gregorian Calendar for this year falls on the 8th August.

    9th – National Day

    The day is to commemorate Singapore’s independence from Malaysia in 1965. The day is celebrated on the 9th August every year, with the local people celebrating their freedom as a free state. The National Day Parade is also held on this very day, which is attended by a large crowd along with state and military officials. After the parade, fireworks take place to mark the region’s independence, performed by several local and foreign teams. The official ceremony takes place at the Singapore National Stadium or the Padang. However, lately the parade has been held at the Marina Bay due to the former’s renovation.

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    Holidays in October

    15th – Hari Raya Haji

    Eid-ul-Adha, being one of the two major feasts that are observed by the Islamic community, is also a state declared holiday in Singapore.

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    Holidays in November

    3rd – Deepavali

    Commonly known as the festival of lights, is a religious Hindu festival which marks the return of Lord Rama after defeating Ravana.

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    Holidays in December

    25th – Christmas Day

    Christmas is also declared as a state holiday. It’s a Christian festival that marks the birth of Jesus Christ, being celebrated enthusiastically by the Christian community.

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