Public & National Holidays in Uganda

Republic of Uganda is a landlocked country located in the continent of Africa. The country gained its independence on October 9, 1962.


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    Holidays in January

    1st – New Year’s Day

    The New Year’s Day is celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar in Uganda on the first day of January. It is one of the most awaited holidays and people celebrate it with great enthusiasm.

    26th – Liberation Day

    Liberation Day is similar to the Independence Day but still it isn’t quite the same. It marks the date of revolution in Uganda and 26th January is a public holiday in the country.

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    Holidays in March

    8th – International Women’s Day

    It is an international holiday and in Uganda, the day is celebrated with great respect in the country and it is also a national holiday in the African country.

    29th – Good Friday

    It is a religious event and is observed with great respect among the Christian community of Uganda.

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    Holidays in April

    1st – Easter Monday

    It is a very sacred day for the Christians all over the world and the people of Uganda observe this day with respect in their traditional way.

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    Holidays in May

    1st – Labour Day

    It is not only an international holiday but also a public holiday in Uganda. The day is observed to commemorate the hard work of the labour class of the world.

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    Holidays in June

    3rd – Martyr’s Day

    The Day is observed to pay tribute to the people of Uganda, who lost their lives for their faith in the historical kingdom of Buganda. People from all across the country pay tributes to the martyrs of nation on this day.

    9th – Heroes Day

    This day is very important in the history of Uganda as the people from all across the county pay tribute to the heroes of the nation who fought for the independence of Uganda.

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    Holidays in August

    8th – Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)

    It is a religious holiday celebrated with great joy and excitement by the Muslim community of Uganda.

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    Holidays in October

    9th – Independence Day

    The Independence Day of Uganda is on 9th of October. The day is celebrated with great respect and enthusiasm.

    15th – Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice)

    Another religious holiday for the Muslim community of Uganda, Eid al-Adha is celebrated with respect and Muslim offer sacrifices of animals on this day.

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    Holidays in December

    25th - Christmas Day

    Christmas is arguably the most awaited holiday in Uganda.

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