Qualities of a Good Lawyer

Being a lawyer is not an easy profession. It takes a lot of discipline to be a good lawyer, and it calls for tough studies and long working hours. It is ranked as one of the most demanding jobs by people around the world. Good lawyers have good ethics and required a set of skills that make them successful in the court room.


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    A good logical sense is critical for a lawyer. Because a lawyer is supposed to plead his/her client’s case, logic is the number one quality he must possess. If you can look at the complete picture and can understand the depth of the things, you may very well have the germs to become a lawyer. Lawyers look at things from a different angle and are always methodical in their methods.

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    Ability to speak

    To be honest a person good communications skills are important in any kind of profession. But for a lawyer it’s like a criteria that one should pass before thinking about choosing law as a profession. Moreover lawyers need to have strong persuasion skills as well; persuasion skills come in handy in the court room. A good lawyer speaks clearly and to the point. He should be sharp in speaking and is thorough with the client. Public speaking skills differ from good communication skills, and a lawyer needs to be the master of both of them as most of the time he had to plead his/her case before a court room full of people.

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    Being creative is very important for a lawyer. Yes lawyers work out plan A, plan B, and plan C while they are developing their case. But sometimes a lawyer faces unusual and rare conditions and then he/she have to think out of the box and find a solution that has never being thought of by anyone before.

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    A good lawyer must have a lot of persistence. Because lawyers face tough situations from time to time and must have a never say die attitude to help them through the problems. Because surrendering is never an option for a lawyer, he needs to be strong and keep up the spirits in tough situations and keep on trying.

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    Analytical skills

    As lawyers have to grasp the required material from a whole pile of information they need to have good analytical skills to make sense. Moreover a good lawyer must also have good research skills as a lot of study is required when working on cases.

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