Queensbury Tube Station London

Queensbury tube station is an underground station located in Queensbury, London. The station is situated in the middle of Canons Park and Kingsbury on Jubilee line. It was inaugurated after the development of its neighboring stations in 1934. Initially, it was part of Metropolitan line, and later on shifted to Bakerloo line in 1939. There are two platforms in this station, and it has its main entrance from Queensbury Station Parade to enter in the ticket hall and exit through the same way. The station provides various amenities to the commuters that include vending machines, huge car parking, telephones and particularly staff assistance for disabled and blind people. Places to explore near Queensbury Tube Station.


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    Restaurants and Coffee Shops

    If you are looking for delicious and tasty food along with hot coffee, several restaurants and coffee shops can be found in the locality. They provide commendable services to the visitors and commuters.

    The Regency Club, Meeras Village & Mayas.

    Coffee shops:
    Boomshakes & Honeypot Cafe.

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    Clubs and Bars

    The clubs and bars situated close to the station are sure to prove as a respite after a tediously long day at work. Visit alone and socialize with new people, or go with friends and have a couple of beers!

    On Da Roxx, Spice Rack At Honeypot, Flying Eagle & J J Moons.

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    Hotels and Accommodations

    Commuters can find fantastic and incredible lodgings near Queensbury tube station. Visitors on business tours, or leisure travelers looking for temporary accommodation, can easily find a hotel within one mile distance of the station.

    Kingsland Hotel.

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    Sights and Attractions

    In order to enjoy natural beauty and a fresh environment, commuters can go to the nearest sights and attractions in the environs of Queensbury tube station.

    Roe Green Park & Queensbury Park.

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    Educational Institutes

    Many reputable educational institutes are located in the surrounding area of Queensbury tube station. They believe in providing quality education imparted through a qualified staff.

    Kingsbury High School, Canons High School & Claremont High School.

    Burlington College & Tasmac.

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    Gifts and Bookshops

    Although there are not any note-worthy book shops in the area, but it is still known for the 3 gift shops that it hosts.

    Gift Shops:
    Balika, Superdrug & Bella.

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    Health and Beauty Services

    Health and beauty centers are extremely necessary for maintaining your health and physical fitness, and there's an increasing awareness regarding that. To cater to that demand, the area around Queensbury Tube station also has a few health and beauty service providers.

    Beauty salon:
    Red Salon, Simply Beautiful Hair & Beauty Salon and Jays.

    Fitness centers:
    Ford Fitness and Creator fitness - personal Training.

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    Emergency Services

    An unforeseen situation can fill you with an air of anxiety, but there's no need to worry if there are emergency service providers in the area where you are in.

    Police station:
    Kingsbury Police Station.

    Fire station:
    Stanmore Fire Station.

    Ambulance services:
    Kenton Ambulance Station, Patient Transport.

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    Hospitals and Clinics

    The number of clinics in the area compensates for a lack of the hospitals. And the most comforting aspect these clinics take pride in is the doctors and trained nursing staff that they have.

    Pegasus Clinics, Queensbury Dental Surgery, Honeypot Medical Centre, Kirmani Dr S S & The Bacon Lane Surger.

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    Childcare Centers

    There are many childcare centers available near the station. They have a courteous staff which takes good care of children.

    Roe Green Day Nursery.

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