The quickest way to dump someone

What you see in the movies is not worth trying at all because it really isn’t that easy as “me and you, we can’t work anymore” or “I’m sorry, its over” both of them usually don’t go down so well in real life and we know it.

First of all make sure you do not make any hasty decisions, you need to think this through properly; what is the true reason why you want to dump him/her? Are you no longer in love? Are they not treating you right? Do you need to focus on your career? Are you just not bothered to be in a relationship right now? Maybe you don’t see a future with them… Whatever the reason, it must be a firm one.


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    Think properly

    Again as pointed above, it must be mentioned again because it is very important to think with a cool and calm mind to ensure you are not making a hasty decision, you must think exactly the reason to why you want to dump him/her – it can be the most simple reason ever but that must be your final decision/conclusion to the dump.

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    How should you dump them

    Think about it properly; if you’re a man that wants to dump a woman the best way to dump a woman would be face to face as it shows the character of being a man, whereas many women will break the news via a simple text message – this really depends on how close your relationship was, as lets say for example you’ve been together for over 2 years then a simple text will not cut it, you will end up being called up then meeting up etc. as the other person tries to convince you that they still want you in there life because if they didn’t they would just accept the text or accept the first time you spoke about “dumping”.

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    Take a friend with you

    If you need some extra support, you might want to take a close friend with you – most females do this when dumping a guy, we are not saying the guy may become physical but you feel a lot more confident when your friend is around and maybe he or she can help squeeze out them words you want to say as you pause in the moment.

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