Republique Night Club Dubai Overview

Located in the 63 storey building of The Address Downtown Dubai, Republique nightclub is a new destination for the party goers of the city. Here sophistication meets style and warmth meets cold, to be precise this elegant nightclub redefines shindig, hospitality and luxury. At this nightclub every guest is treated as an individual and they are pampered with various services. These services of Republique comprise of delicious food aside the usual live Dj music, alcoholic beverages and smoking. In short, Republique is a great place to spend leisure time, as here guests can either dance to the beats of the Dj or just sit and enjoy drinks while watching rest of the people dancing on the dance floor.

Contact: +971 4 438 8888
Visit: Republique Website


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    Products and Services of Republique:

    Republique offers a variety of products and services to their precious customers and below is the list of their services and products:

    - Extensive range of alcoholic beverages are available at the Republique.

    - Famous resident DJs play their music at this nightclub and drag people to the floor with their alluring beats.

    - Food is also served at this spot which people can take pleasure in either before or after party.

    - Guests are allowed to smoke at this nightclub.

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    Operational Hours of Republique:

    The usual operating hours of Republique are from 6:00 pm to 3:00 am and this nightclub opens on all seven days of the week.

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    Location of Republique:

    The Address Downtown Dubai, Emaar Blvd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

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    How to Get to Republique:

    By Metro

    Burj Dubai Metro Station‎ is situated at a distance of 2.1 kilometres away from the Republique, which makes it a 6 minutes walking journey. All patrons need to do is to head out in the southwest course, then turn slight right towards Emaar Blvd and afterwards turn left towards Emaar Blvd. After that commuters need to take the first left towards Emaar Blvd and then turn right onto Emaar Blvd to locate the destination on their left side. Directions from Burj Dubai Metro Station to Republique.

    By Bus

    Bus number F13 will take you to the nearest bus stop of Republique that is called South Ridge – Dubai. This bus station is about 350 metres away from the Republique and on foot this gap can be covered in about 4 minutes approximately. All bus users need to do after reaching this bus station is to head northwest towards Emaar Blvd, then turn right onto Emaar Blvd and soon the destination will be on their left side. Directions from South Ridge – Dubai to republique.

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