Resignation Acceptance Email

Resignation acceptance email is written in response to an email written by any employee who is leaving the organisation. The email contains the information related to the acceptance of the resignation, and its effective date.

The email should clearly mention the effective date of the resignation, while providing all the details about the clearance of dues.

The email can also contain information about any feedback or an experience related form, which the employee can fill out to help the organisation make improvements. At the end of the email, one should always try to wish the person best of luck for his next job and future endeavours.


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    Sample of resignation acceptance email



    Subject: Resignation notice

    Dear Smith,

    I am writing to accept your resignation from the position of Assistant Manager in the marketing Department, which you provided to me in a email dated March 22, 2013.  Your last day in the office will be April 22, 2013, and as you requested, the amount in your gratuity and provident fund account will be provided to you while clearing all your dues.

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your five years of contributions and service to the Marketing Department at ZX Group of Companies.

    Before you leave, we are interested in learning more about your experiences at the ZX Group of Companies. For that purpose, the HR Department will provide you with the survey form. Please fill the form, as this will greatly help our company to make further improvements and ensure quality services.

    If you prefer directly talking to a person about your experiences, rather than filling out the form, then you can contact with your immediate supervisor or the HR Department to schedule a meeting.

    I wish you best of luck of your future endeavours and take this opportunity to thank you again for the services that you provided to the ZX Group of Companies.


    Alex Eisenberg

    Senior Manager HR

    ZX Group of Companies

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    Template of resignation acceptance email

    To: [Recipient’s email]

    Cc: [HR department’s email]

    Subject: [Subject of email]

    Dear Last Name,

    Your resignation from the position of [Name of position] has been accepted, effective on [Date], as requested. The request you made about [State the requests], has also been accepted and [Provide relevant details].

    Prior to leaving the organisation, please do fill out the form provided by the [Name of department], which will greatly help our company to make improvements in the stated fields.

    It was a great pleasure for all staff members at the [Company Name] to work with you and your presence at the company greatly helped the organisation to prosper in the past [Number of years] years. If you are required to provide your new employer a reference, please do not hesitate to mention my name and email address.


    [Your Name]

    [Your position]

    [Company Name]

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