Rum and Coconut Water Cocktail Recipe

A refreshing drink with a distinct tropical taste, the rum and coconut water cocktail combines two quintessential island flavours to create a drink that can transport you (mentally, if not physically) to white sandy beaches with blue green water lapping at the shores, and green palm trees swaying in the background. The perfect drink for a spa adventure at home, or a poolside party, the rum and coconut water cocktail is exceptionally easy to make, requiring just two ingredients (as the name suggests), and needing just 5 minutes of preparation time.

Preparation Time: 3-5 minutes
Serving Size:
Serves 6-7 persons
Utensils: Cocktail glasses, stirring rod

– 14 cups rum
– 12 cups coconut water
– Ice cubes
– Mint or coconut pieces for garnishing


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    Start by making sure you buy the best quality ingredients – if a small component in the drink happens to have an inferior taste, it could spoil the whole drink. Go for premium quality rum, like Bacardi, and select the best coconut water you can find – for this purpose, you can crack open a young green coconut for the freshest coconut water possible, or buy from a reputable brand like Goya’s.

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    Next, place both the rum and the coconut water in the refrigerator, and allow them to chill thoroughly – the drink will be insipid and lacking in flavour if it is lukewarm, or even at room temperature, so make sure all the ingredients are chilled through.

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    In addition to placing the drinks in the refrigerator, you will also need to chill your serving glasses. For this drink, pretty much any cocktail glass will do, and you can select anything from a classic martini glass, to a highball or Collins glass. However, do not select any glasses that might be too small – since this is a lush tropical drink, you ideally want to serve tall, frosted glasses of it.

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    Once everything has had ample time in the refrigerator, take it all out, and start preparing the cocktail. Fill half of your serving glasses with coconut water – you can line them all up in a row, so it’s easier to see if the quantities are the same in all the glasses.

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    Next, fill the remaining space in the glasses with the chilled rum (do not fill until the glass is overflowing – make sure you leave at least an inch and a half of space at the top). Finally, drop 2-3 ice cubes into each glass, garnish with either a coconut wedge or some mint leaves, and serve chilled.

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