Salik Road Toll System in Dubai UAE Overview

In Arabic, Salik means open or clear.  This electric toll collecting system was inaugurated in July 2007. The actual reason for introducing this idea was to reduce the traffic congestion near the main road of Dubai that connects city’s trade region, Sheikh Zayed Road.

The latest technology used in Salik helps in maintaining the free flow of traffic and for the operations no physical help is required at the toll collector area. With the permission of rapidity this innovative system allows vehicles to move through the tolling point easily.

The idea of launching this electrically controlling toll has surely helped the authorities of Dubai, to control the traffic and make travelling easy during peak hours, especially.


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    Salik Operations:

    There are no physical toll gates or any kind of barriers or booth at the Salik system. The traffic is allowed to move without any hurdles at a particular speed per distance.

    There are two polling points at Salik, one is at the Sheikh Zayed Road and the other is at the Al Garhoud Bridge. When the vehicle passes through the Salik toll point, the toll credit AED 4, is removed from the sticker that is on your car’s windscreen. This sticker is readable by the toll’s computer.

    Every vehicle should have that sticker on its windscreen. The driver does not have to stop for the computer to read the tag, it can automatically read when the vehicle passes by. Car owners have to buy the pre-paid machine readable stickers and get them fixed on their cars. Whenever their car will pass through the toll the toll charges will get subtracted.

    Note: if any vehicle owner does not have a Salik tag he is charged with the fine of Dh100, but if the tag is available but there is no credit in it then he has to pay Dh.50 as fine.

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    Opening a Salik road toll account

    The Salik account can be opened at any Dubai Islamic Bank's many branches, Emirates Bank's or ENOC, EPCO and Emirate petrol stations in Dubai. But before you open an account make sure you have bought the Salik tag.

    Note: Salik Tag is not affected by the weather changes or the speed of the passing vehicle.

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