Saturday Markets in London

Saturday is one day in the British capital that can be truly called a market day, as people are accustomed to buy their fashion fairs, local food and much more from various  markets on this day. The reason behind this is that weekend is the perfect free time for Londoners to shop around and stock up goods, food, vegetables and other stuff for the coming week. Therefore, a market which opens on Saturdays attracts lot of crowd. Due to this high demand several Saturday Markets can be found in London at present. However, not many people, especially tourists, know which market is good for what and from where they are going to get great value. For assistance of such folks, we have compiled this list of Saturday Markets in London.


  • 1

    Alfie's Antique Market

    One of the best destinations to buy antiques in London is Alfie’s Antique Market. This market is found at Church Street in the British capital and it is packed with twentieth century antiques for home décor up till rafters. Moreover, visitors will find over 100 dealers’ shops in Alfie’s Antique Market which deal in items like art, fashion, furniture etc.

  • 2

    Acton Market

    If you are looking to buy clothes then Acton Market is a really a good option to visit in London. From here visitors will find not only a wide variety in clothes, but they can also shop for attires on affordable rates. In addition to this, Acton Market was renovated in the recent past by the efforts of Action Acton charity, which made the atmosphere better than before.

  • 3

    Berwick Street Market

    Those who are looking to buy food and are in the suburbs of Berwick Street in London can visit Berwick Street Market because it is the best choice for them. Berwick Street Market has a wide range of food items despite being a small marketplace. It is also one of the oldest shopping places for food in the British capital.

  • 4

    Borough Market

    Another old but famous name in the index of food markets in London is Borough Market that is very famous for its gourmet goodies. This market is the best place for shoppers who have a satiable appetite for vegetables, organic fruit, bread, fish and other such things. All these food varieties are available fresh in this marketplace.

  • 5

    Brixton Market

    Brixton Market is another top name when it comes to buying food in the capital of Great Britain. This market is located at Pope’s Road near Brixton Station Road and visiting it is not less than a sensory fiesta. Stalls like jerk chicken, fish, tinny reggae riddims and much more can be found at this market.

  • 6

    Broadway Market

    The list of food markets in London is quite lengthy as there is no scarcity of food devotees in the capital. In order to satisfy these food lovers, another hot spot for such type of shopping is Broadway Market. The food congregated at this marketplace is not only fresh and wide in range, but is also well priced. Therefore, people visit it from different areas of the capital.

  • 7

    Brockley Market

    Folks residing around Lewisham College usually go to Brockley Market in London when it comes buying food. This market has blossomed amazingly as initially it was a tiny market that used to take place in the car park area of the college. Today, it gives you the feel of some of the best and big markets in London.

  • 8

    Cabbages & Frocks

    Folks who want to buy vintage stuff, food and clothes under one roof should head towards Cabbage & Frocks Market in London. This market is situated at Marylebone High Street of the capital where the crowd can find several fashion retailers along with mouthwatering food and vintage items.

  • 9

    Camden Market

    One of the famous marketplaces in the British capital is Camden Market, which can be found at Camden High Street. This market has a sprawling collection of clothes and offers a true smorgasbord of street culture. Visitors will not only find locals there, but some celebrities as well.

  • 10

    Covent Garden Market

    There is no shortage of art and crafts lovers in the British capital and because of this reason there are various sites in the city from where one can shop for such items. One of these sites for shopping arts and craft is Covent Garden Market between King Street & Henrietta. Covent Garden Market offers an extensive range of arts and crafts and is generally found to be crowded.

  • 11

    Chapel Street Market

    If you are looking for a marketplace where traders are selling fruits, vegetables and other food items by clattering and bellowing, then Chapel Street Market will be your destination. Chapel Street Market is full of traders who are selling their products by doing such acts.

  • 12

    Deptford Market

    A good mix of vintage and food items can be found on Deptford High Street, which is the location of Deptford Market. This old-fashioned market has passionate local tradesmen who give this marketplace a vibrant feel and also keep the stalls lively from where one can choose high quality products.

  • 13

    Greenwich Market

    The stalls of knick-knack, ethnic ornaments, second hand clothes, crafts, CDs and jewellery can be found in abundance at Greenwich Market of London. Greenwich Market is sited at Off College Approach in the British capital. Visitors can find food, crafts and art stalls at this market on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

  • 14

    Hoxton Street Market

    Hoxton Street Market is famous for providing household items, foods and clothes. This market covers a small region of London’s quirky streets and opens from Monday till Saturday between 7:30 am and 6:00 pm. However, visitors will find most of the varieties for shopping on Saturdays, as stalls remain usually empty during the rest of the days.

  • 15

    Lower Marsh

    Lower Marsh is one of the oldest markets in the capital of the Great Britain as it is in activity since Victorian times. Shoppers can find some decent jewellery, women’s clothes, quality vegetables and vintage shops as well. It attracts a large number of people because of the reasonable prices and quality items.

  • 16

    Netil Market

    Food, clothes and crafts can also be found at Netil Market located on Westgate Street in London. Netil Market is not too far from the famous Broadway Market. However, Netil Market is a calmer place than Broadway Market, so people who prefer to shop in such markets will definitely love this site.

  • 17

    Oval Farmer's Market

    Tourists and locals can find farmers' market open on Saturday in the capital of Great Britain. This market is called Oval Farmer’s Market and it is located near St Mark’s Church in London. Oval Farmer’s Market is great to buy quality food at affordable prices from. Therefore, one will find both, well-off and middle-class people buying various foods.

  • 18

    Petticoat Lane Market

    Locals and visitors will find a fine range of household goods and clothes at another marketplace called Petticoat Lane Market, which is located a few streets away in the south of Spitalfields Markets. People can find household items and food items on the stalls set up at the Petticoat Lane Market.

  • 19

    Portobello Road Market

    Extensive variety of clothes can also be found at Portobello Road Market, which is to be found on Portobello Road in London. This market is basically spread over one long strip of the road. Shoppers can also buy vintage stuff and grab something to eat from the various food stalls set up on different locations at Portobello Road Market.

  • 20

    Queen's Market

    Folks who want to buy kitchenware, household goods and foodstuff from one marketplace should go to Queen’s Market on Saturday. Queen’s Market is situate on Green Street and is a few minutes walk from Upton Park tube station. Shoppers will also get to see different cultures as immigrants of diverse communities have set up stalls there.

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