Scholarship Appeal Letter

Education, no matter at what level is highly instrumental for the future prospects of an individual. When it gets to the stage where you have to apply for scholarships, you have to become more responsible, serious and formal about it. Students who are bright and position holders since the primary level get the burden off the shoulders of their parents at an early stage.

Not only do they become the favourites in the family, but get the sky rocketing expectations associated with them from day one. Specially when it comes to their higher education, which is the most costly of all the stages, being responsible since they were very young, they yet again give their best shot for removing the burden once again.

Even though writing in an appeal for the scholarship in the first place means that you are interested in your higher level studies, you need to reinforce the point repeatedly. Your emphasis on the seriousness should take off from the very first paragraph and should stay intact until the closing note.

You cannot run into the risk of making things confusing or ambiguous, use the exact and accurate words in the appeal. It is very important that the receiver reads the entire letter and your opening paragraph will play the role of grabbing the much needed attention. Here is how you can learn how to write a scholarship appeal letter.

Tips to write Scholarship Appeal Letter

  • Be concise
  • Maintain a formal and professional tone
  • Be mindful of grammar and spelling mistakes


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    Sample of a Scholarship Appeal Letter

    Mr. Randy Rooks
    Head of Student Affairs Department
    Pleasure Studying College
    256 West Drive
    4th Avenue, Bells Boulevard

    June 14, 2010

    Subject: Scholarship Appeal Letter

    Dear Mr. Rooks,

    I am writing this appeal after looking at the opening and closing dates of the coming up scholarships. In that frame of reference, I would like to remind you that I completed my Bachelor’s degree from the same institution and plan to pursue my education by getting enrolled in the Masters program this session.

    My student ID is 6357476-B and through this you will be able to access all my academic records. I was entitled to a scholarship when doing my Bachelors and passed out with 96% marks.

    I have enclosed all the relevant certificates and transcripts, however, in case there is anything else required then kindly let me know.

    Grateful for your time,

    Jill Hopkins

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    Sample of a Scholarship Appeal Letter

    Name of the receiver
    Receiver’s designation
    Name of the institution
    Address of the institution


    Salutation Mr/Ms. [Last Name]

    I completed my Bachelors degree from the same college and that too with flying colours so keeping in the closing dates for the scholarship in mind I am sending in this appeal.

    My student ID is [ ]. The records will back up my eligibility for the scholarship this time too.

    Kindly look into my past academic records and please inform me on my status for the scholarship in the Masters program.

    Highly thankful,

    [Your name]

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