Solar Hot Dog Cooker Reicpe

There are various purposes for which solar energy is used. With growing energy crises, one very significant and remarkable use of this energy can be seen in solar panels these days. However, the simplest and equally effective use of solar energy is applied in working of a Solar Hot Dog Cooker. Although we do happen to have a proper solar cooker but the reason it is called Hot Dog Solar Cooker is because the sunlight focuses on the hot dog fixed in center after striking the reflective surface. For students who are finding ideas for a Science project, the solar hot dog cooker can prove to be a good one. If you are to make a solar hot dog cooker there are a few simple things that you have to arrange.

Required items:
– A cardboard box
– Aluminum foil
– Poster Board


  • 1

    The cardboard box

    First of all, make sure that the cardboard box you have selected is narrow and quite long so as to collect maximum possible sunlight.

  • 2

    Make parabolic curve

    Design a parabolic curve choosing focal length between 5" and 10". Once a template is designed, it can be used for several other cookers. Keeping in mind that the curve is straight and perfectly centered, have it traced on the open side of the box.

  • 3

    Cut out the curve

    With the help of a utility knife, cut out the curve ensuring that you are exact and accurate. Now cut a perfectly measured piece of poster board that will fit exactly on the curve which is already in place. Carefully attach the cardboard piece working carefully at the edges and center.

  • 4

    Paste the Aluminum foil

    Apply some white glue at the curve and then paste Aluminum foil over it with the shiny side exposed. Try to keep the foil as smooth as possible by pressing in the middle and then to rest of the area.

  • 5

    Fix the cardboard supports

    Tape two scraps of cardboard as supports onto each side, exactly opposite each other. Test the focal point with the help of sun or a projector light and look for a bright spot formed due to concentration of light.

  • 6

    Fit the skewer

    With the help of a marker, highlight that point and punch a hole for the skewer. You can use a section of coat hanger as a skewer but make sure it is not colored.

  • 7

    Enjoy your meal

    Have a hot dog fixed at the skewer and cook it placing in the sun.

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