Specialist Musical Instrument Shops in London

If you are fancied by the charm of playing a music instruments then you can find several music instrument shops in the British capital. These specialist music shops sell various varieties of all sorts of music instruments including drums, trumpets, guitars, harps, flutes, violins, keyboards and harmoniums.

You can also find accessories of various music instruments and repairing facility. One can also get valuation of one’s instrument from some of these shops for purposes like tax or insurance. If purchasing a brand new instrument is not an option then you will also find second hand products in good condition from some of these shops.


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    Andys guitars

    Andys guitars brings an extensive range of acoustic, bass, electric guitars along with amplifiers. The company also provides valuation of music instruments which is sought by a great number of Londoners.

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    John and Arthur Beare

    John and Arthur beare is known to be the world’s most respected violin dealer and is in the business since 1892. Beares also do valuation of the music instruments for tax, insurance or probate purposes.

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    Chappell of Bond Street

    Chappell of Bond Street sells a large variety of pianos, guitars, keyboards, amplifiers, brass, woodwind and strings at Wardour Street in London.  Microphones, studio softwares, mixers, drum machines, electronic drums are also sold at the venue.

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    Allodi Accordians

    They sell various varieties of accordions classified as 48 bass, 60-72 bass, 80-96 bass, 120 bass and button. If you are an accordionist or on the lookout of an Accoridan then this outlet in Lewisham will definitely help you.

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    People contact Foote’s to get their favorite Trumpets, ukuleles, saxophones, oboes, cornets, flutes, double basses, banjos and violens. The staff is friendly and cooperative and possess a sound knowledge of music and instruments.

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    Binas has a long history of selling music instruments and has emerged as a venue that stocks a diverse and long list of exotic instruments which include harmoniums, percussions, wind, string and electronic instruments.

  • 7

    Duke of Uke

    Duke of Uke brings a variety of ekeleles, banjos, guitars and bass and various accessories. You will wasily get a product of your choice at a good price.

  • 8

    GIG Sounds

    GIG Sounds stocks acoustic guitars, bass amplifiers, basses, classical guitars, cymbals, drum accessories, drum kits and electric guitars at their venue at Mitcham Lane in London.

  • 9

    Kensington and Chelsea pianos

    ‘Kensington and Chelsea pianos’ is committed to sell pianos both new and second hand at their shop which is located at 288 Kensington high street.

  • 10


    Holywell music was established in 1954 and is a leading harp seller of Europe and United Kingdom. You will also find many harp accessories at their outlet.

  • 11

    Wembley drum centre

    Wembley drum centre is in the business of selling drum kits for about 20 years and sells drums, percussions and cymbals. Visit any of their four stores in London and benefit from the variety they offer.

  • 12

    London Guitar Centre

    Formerly known as Spanish guitar centre, London Guitar centre sells an array of guitars and lots of strings at Cranbourn Street. They also specialize in doing repairs of guitars.

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