Steps to Become a Firefighter

Firefighter helps extinguish fires caused by any disaster. They are rescuers trained in fighting dangerous fire which can harm lives of people or civilians. Firefighters also help extinguish fire from buildings etc in order to save the structure and the lives of normal people.


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    Job suits you or not

    First of all you need to configure that this job is suitable for you or not. Fire fighting job requires full dedication and commitment. It is very physical job and if you can endure stress than opt it. This job may also risk your life while serving your community and requires you to work in a team.

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    Complete the application process

    If you decide to commit to serve for your country and become a firefighter then there are minimum requirements to apply. Minimum age requirement for most of the fire fighting departments is 21. Its better you join after graduating from college so you get advantage over some other fellow fire fighters.

    First fill out the fire fighting application form at your near fire department where you are looking forward to work.

    You will undergo a physical exam so that you will be checked of any disability. The department needs to know that you will be able to serve your nation or not.

    Your criminal record will be checked before entering this field.

    There will be a psychological exam as well. The officials needs to know that you are capable of exerting stress or not.

    A written test will also be taken by the fire department. They will determine your problem solving skills and judgement.

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    After passing the application process

    If application process is cleared then there will be an oral interview taken by fire department officials. You will train at the fire academy after clearing the application process.

    The department will teach you the types of equipments and fires. They will also tell you how to extinguish fire.

    You will also undergo training with firemen.

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    Get experience as an intern

    After your training sessions are completed, you will be allocated in the fire department and gets hand-on training with firemen. You will be working as an intern at this department.

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    Get hired as a firefighter

    After completing your internship, you can now become a professional fireman. You will get the regular firefighter pay and will go on missions to extinguish fire.

    Note that in some departments some candidates are waiting to become full time firemen.

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