How To Stay Motivated At Work


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    Create A To-Do List

    A list of items you can follow up on and complete throughout the day or week, will keep you focused and challenged throughout the week. With the completion of each goal, you will feel good and charged up to surmount the other challenges. This list will be your map to chart where you are and what you need to do next. Do not fill the list will lofty goals you might not necessary met in the shortest possible time. This list is to keep up motivated in the short-term i.e. day to day, week to week.

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    Monitor Your To Do List

    Achieved goals or completed tasks should be removed from the list and new ones add to replace them. Keep your entries short and precise with action word such as “Do”, “Finish”, ”Complete” and so on to put you in the right frame of mind.

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    Mingle At Work

    Human beings are social animals. Even if you are an introvert and do not like socializing, suck it up and at least greet your colleagues everyday when you resume work. Gaining a good working relationship with your colleagues will help grease the wheels to help you complete your job functions.. Find out about their interests, hobbies or even the names of their loved ones and every now and then ask them about it. Even if your job does not allow you to interact with your colleagues often, maintaining healthy office relationships reduces the chances of having hostile co-workers and is a good move for your career.

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    Get A Good Work-Personal Life Balance

    No matter how dedicated you are to your job, you will need to take time out for yourself to recharge and pursue other interests that matter to you. If you neglect the other important areas of your life such as family, friends, personal interests or activities, the unresolved conflicts arising from these areas can affect your mood and emotions which in turn could affect your attitude and energy level at work. By having a healthy personal life, you can gain a strong sense of fulfillment that you can carry with your everyday to work. Besides you will eventually retire from your job, so remember to cultivate meaningful relationships outside of work and pursue hobbies or interests that can last longer than a job.

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    Take Care of Yourself At Work

    Office related injuries are a real thing. Chronic back pain, ulcer, muscle sprains, headaches and insomnia are a few examples of the types of medical conditions you are risking by not taking care of yourself in the office. Do not remain stationary for prolonged periods. Walk to a colleague’s office and mingle, take that lunch break out of the office, do simple stretching exercises to remove body aches and minor strains. Keep a water bottle near you to keep hydrate throughout the day, this will also improve your physical performance and overall energy levels.

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    Find Work That Will Keep You Motivated

    Take up projects at work that you genuinely enjoy doing. This will keep you motivated rather than pursing work functions you do not have a passion for. This is not an excuse to bail out as soon as your current work function becomes challenging.

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