Steps to Become a Knight

Being a knight is far more difficult than just wearing armor, holding a sword and having the skills to ride a horse. Technically, a knight is selected by a monarch but this is a difficult thing – at least in our modern times.

As for the physical preparation of the Knights in old times, it was well organized and included in the overall educational system.

The children of the royal family and the families of the higher nobility used to become knight by getting best education. They became acquainted with the latest achievements of science at that time and legal laws of their country.

To seven years, children grow up in the care of the mother to instill future knight’s court manners, to learn polite behaviour, music education and a host of different language skills in particular. Court manners were taught to boys and the significant difference between them and other children was manifested in physical training. In fact, physical education begins long before the boy turns seven. From early childhood, they are systematically quenched in order to prepare for future heavy exercise, inconvenience and hardship of military campaigns.


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    To become a noble knight without fear physical training is entirely necessary. You must be able to run, jump and climb whenever needed. To strengthen the hand muscles, you may follow the exercise of throwing heavy stones like ancient times.

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    You should learn how to swim, throw a spear and use a bow among several other combat skills.

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    Above all, horse riding and use of different weapons is a must. Ideally, you must learn how to swing a sword to acclaim yourself a knight. You must also develop the ability to throw a spear and use the shield while you are on a horse, shield on your left hand to protect you from the opponents and a spear in right hand to strike.

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    You should learn how to use a knife in case you lost your sword in a combat. You should be able to throw one, two or three blades from any particular distance as this could be matter of your life and death.

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    As we all know that the process of knighthood starts when a queen inducts you into the order of chivalry, find a woman who you can trust and love to perform the ritual.

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