Steps to Become an Army Ranger

Becoming an army ranger is one dream that many children have while they are growing up. Some go on to pursue their childhood wish while some are just not as determined to take up the prospect of becoming a ranger. The motivation behind the choice is the main thing that matters, as it makes one do all the work that is required to achieve what was his childhood passion. Becoming a ranger is not an easy task at the hands as it requires proper training and guidance from the start of one’s studying careers and the proper guidance will lead him to bring his aspired dream to life.

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    The first step in preparing to become an army ranger is that you will have to make a regular work out exercise plan. You will have to cover everything that can be included in the exercise plans and keep working on regular basis. Do not intend to take days off if your application procedure is insight, as constant work out will help you maintain a very good body shape and it will pay off in the physical test.

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    Next you should be making a list of exercises that need to be done every day. Remember that you should not exclude any exercises that seem to be difficult as you will only regret if you are intending to shy in for several difficult exercises.

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    Now you should also look to start swimming as it is the best exercise that can keep your body in shape and it is also a mandatory subject as far as the physical test is concerned. The test for swimming is called the water confidence test and you will have to pass it in order to achieve the aspired post of an army ranger.

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    Next you will have to talk to a recruiter and must ask him about the options in the field that you have. This is probably the most vital part of the process as it defines the future that you are looking for.

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    After deciding on the available options, you will have to take the ASVAB test. This is the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Test and passing this barrier is a must. After taking the exam and passing it with the required score, you will have to increase your work out with time and doing that, you must apply for the sign up procedure of becoming an army ranger. Now do the best that you can in the entrance test and you will be on your way to become a model army ranger.

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