Becoming a Real Estate Agent in the UK

Real estate agents have the job of surveying (sometimes developing), valuing and selling landed property to people who are interested in buying such property. This could be a great job for you if you like being outdoors, travelling and also enjoy interacting with people. It could also be very lucrative, especially if you have the requisite skills for the job.

The UK real estate market is one of the most profitable in the world, with property prices fairly stable and some of the highest in Europe. If you wish to become a real estate agent in the UK, this guide will help you get started.


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    Identify your preferred job

    If you simply intend to work in the real estate industry, there are several possible jobs you can consider. You can become a broker acting as an independent sales agent or for a real estate brokerage firm; an appraiser whose main job would be set the market value of property, a real estate manager, managing relationships with clients of a leading property firm, get into development and construction, building and developing property; or become an advisor where you will be offering professional advice and guidance to people looking to invest in real estate.

    You may also be entrepreneurial minded and decide to set up your own firm in any of the above mentioned fields. Knowing which area you would like to specialize in will help you narrow down your focus to acquiring specific skills that will enhance your prospects in that field.

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    Getting a degree

    Getting a degree is not strictly required for a job in real estate; however, in reality, this lucrative career field is very competitive in the UK, and to stand a better chance of getting a job in the industry you should pursue an Undergraduate Degree in Real Estate, Business or Property Law.

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    Higher education

    An advanced degree is not required at all for a successful career in real estate. However, possessing one will definitely improve your career trajectory and potential for promotions. A good further degree would be an MBA which will help sharpen your business skills and make you more attractive for potential employers.

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    Internship/Work Experience

    In any field getting some early work experience is always a very good idea and the same holds true for real estate. You should try to identify the firm you would ideally prefer to work with in the future and try to get an internship with them.

    If you’re lucky and succeed, then your internship could very well turn into a full time placement, particularly if you impress.

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    Certifications from NFoPP

    The National Federation of Property Professionals (NFoPP) offers a number of qualifications for aspiring property agents as listed below:

    Sale of Residential Property
    Residential Letting and Property Management
    Commercial Property Agency
    Real Property Auctioneering
    Chattels Auctioneering
    Residential Inventory Management

    You may obtain certificates in any of the above programs without having had any experience in real estate.

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    Career paths

    Being a real estate agent in the UK means you can take two different paths. You can either decide to start your own firm or join someone else. Typically fresh agents are advised to join established firms in order to gain real world experience and knowledge.

    Once you feel more confident in your ability to interact with clients, find buyers, negotiate deals, plan showings and give advice, you can start working on your own to further your career and brand yourself.

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