Steps to Developing a Customer-Focused Business

Why are your customers buying from you? What are the reasons you have this set of people loyal to the products you offer? Is it the product in itself, the quality or how you package your products? There are many factors that can contribute to the sales and growth of a company and it is important to know what is influencing your customers to do what they do. Know this will help you know which area to keep working on to achieve your desired goals.

Every business claims to be focused on their customers but this usually not the case as businesses have to satisfy other stakeholders such as regulators, the business owners and other such interested parties. Making sure you factor your customer’s need in every business decision, making sure your customer’s needs are met as well as yours are met. This is the goal of a customer-focused business.


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    Connect with your customer base

    Everyone wants to be treated specially, leverage on this to make sure you are in tune with your customer's wants and needs, this will lead you to get a better understanding. Achieve this and you would have created a bridge between you and your customers as you can connect with them and feel what they feel on an emotional level.

    If a business cannot connect with its customers on an emotional level, to know what they need and want, you would not be able to connect with them and make them feel special in the areas they need your products to satisfy them.

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    When you know what your customers want and need from an emotional connection level towards your goods or products, you can provide what they need through your products or services and let them be fully aware of every detail.

    Telling them of all the details in the form of family secret will also add to the special effect and bringing them closer to you. So if your company is trying to enter new heights, then this is a technique to use. A tip is to not use the generic way of announcing new products to customers but a more family like approach to new information.

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    Involve them

    Since you are aware of what your customer’s needs and wants are, then you bring it a notch closer by involving them in your decision making plans towards making your products more beneficial to them.

    Their feedback relating to the decisions your company has to make to will be invaluable and make a valuable contribution to the company's bottom line. So hear their opinions, then afterwards bring it to the table and discuss with your board to find ways to better the lives of your customers and your company.

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    Make realistic promises 

    This one area every business owner should be wary of when it comes to making promises relating to their products towards customers. Promises that are too high for the company to fulfill will be a big issue when they are not met and the customers might see you as dishonest or untrustworthy which can tarnish the image of your company and nobody wants to work with one that does not fulfill their promise or lies to them. Make goals that will benefit them and your company and set up ways to reach them.

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    High quality service

    It is one thing to have the products people need but not the excellent service that goes on with it. It is important to always give good customer service. It doesn’t kill anyone if you go the extra mile in pleasing your customers, carrying their bags to the car for the aged as an example is not a crime. Maya Angelou said: “people would not remember what you say to them, but they will remember how you made them feel”. And that is your answer.

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    Good marketing

    Good marketing is essential for any growth in a company and it is important to know where to target depending on your product and what age of people or brand they fall on. It is also important to note that not all age are aware of the various ways of knowing about a product.

    So whilst marketing in a digital world where most young people and other business platforms are exhibiting what they have to offer, it is also important to note that there are others who are not all these platforms and you want them to be aware for you products to be known. So one has to device plans to achieve the desired results.

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    It takes understanding for the company to work with their customers and patience, persistence and perseverance to succeed.

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